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Nanjing is going Ahead

At this year’s National Two Sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need to firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development and develop new productive forces according to local conditions when participating in the deliberations of the Jiangsu delegation of the Second Session of the 14th National People’s Congress.

 Continuously open up new fields, create new value, and shape new momentum, and strive to make new productive forces the most distinctive symbol of Nanjing’s high-quality development.

 Enterprises are the main force that continue to promote the development of new productivity. How can various enterprises accelerate the formation of new productivity in different fields and segmented tracks? How does Nanjing give full play to its endowment advantages and cultivate and develop new productive forces? Where is “new”?
“Nugging” space resources to participate in the Chinese version of the “Starlink” plan

“As early as 2012, when everyone didn’t know much about artificial intelligence, Mobvoi did a lot of cutting-edge technology exploration in this area. Now we are exploring how to move from empowering products to empowering industries, and then drive more The creation of great value,” said Li Zhifei, founder of Mobvoi.

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Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology that will lead the future. It is the core driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is considered to be the main position for developing new productive forces. Located in Hongfeng Technology Park, Kechuang Road, Qixia District, Mobvoi has been deeply involved in generative AI and voice interaction for many years. It is one of the few AI companies in Asia that has the ability to build general-purpose large models.

Li Zhifei said that there are two main directions for exploring the implementation of voice interaction in various scenarios, namely the deep integration of upstream and chips and the deep binding of downstream vertical industries. Currently, Mobvoi has explored scenarios including consumer electronics, finance, insurance, real estate, etc., and provided AIGC (generative artificial intelligence) tools to global creators.

Among them, “Magic Sound Workshop” has reached cooperation with well-known domestic and overseas multimedia platforms and enterprises such as Sina, Himalaya, and WeChat Reading. “Mobvoi’s in-car pre-installed ‘offline and online integrated voice assistant’ has been launched on many main models of a large car company.” Li Zhifei said.

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The AI ​​world is full of imagination, and commercial aerospace has unlimited potential. Origin Space (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd. aims at future industries and is my country’s first commercial company dedicated to the exploration and utilization of space resources. It has successfully launched spacecraft and space telescopes into space.

Among them, the “NEO-01 space mining robot” and the “Zhangwang-1” space astronomical telescope have created many “firsts” for China and the world, filling China’s gaps in this field.

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Nanjing Yingtian Optical Engineering Co., Ltd. is the first private enterprise to undertake the development of laser communication payloads for China’s satellite Internet “new infrastructure”. Zhou Ziyuan, the company’s general manager, said that last year, Yingtian Optics won the first place in the Star Network Group’s laser communication payload bidding project, and successfully passed the system acceptance in the same year, which marked that the company will become the main constructor of the Chinese version of the “Starlink” plan in the future. one of those.

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On March 11, in the laboratory of Nanjing Shenghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Building 1, No. 99 Yunlianghe West Road, R&D staff were busy developing new drugs.

“We have a product pipeline of more than 30 new drug varieties including small molecules and biological drugs, including 6 in clinical phase I, 3 in phase II, and 3 in phase III.” Wang, chairman and general manager of Shenghe Pharmaceutical Yong said that some of these innovative drugs have entered the pre-market clinical research stage, while others are in the final stage of clinical research. They are basically new anti-tumor drugs.

The R&D and sales of new drugs in the fields of anti-tumor, anti-viral and anti-infectious drugs are the main business of Shenghe Pharmaceutical. It currently has more than 10 dosage form production lines and more than 30 kinds of drugs are sold in the domestic market. In May last year, its independently developed chemical Class 1 innovative drug ofofosbuvir tablets was approved for marketing, becoming the first HCV NS5B RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (necessary for virus replication) inhibitor with independent intellectual property rights in China. It brings good news to the vast number of hepatitis C patients in the country.

Make efforts to “new” to
stimulate innovation and research and development, forge talent chains, and Ningbo companies each have their own “smart tricks”

“Innovative R&D is the driving force that leads to high-quality development of enterprises.” In Wang Yong’s view, it is precisely the long-term persistence in implementing the product R&D innovation strategy that has made Shenghe what it is today.

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Wang Yong revealed that in 2002, Shenghe’s main revenue was less than 30 million yuan and it had less than 10 scientific researchers, mostly with bachelor’s degrees. Under extremely difficult conditions, it decided to develop only innovative drugs. Precisely because of its innovative R&D approach, Shenghe entered the top 100 of China’s more than 5,000 pharmaceutical industry enterprises in 2009.
At present, the proportion of Shenghe Pharmaceutical’s R&D investment has been stable at more than 20% all year round, and it continues to gather and cultivate high-end talents. By improving diversified allocation methods such as equity incentives, and talent echelon cultivation methods such as “learning and mentoring”, it has created a high-end team. A high-quality scientific research team provides strong financial and talent chain support for new drug research and development.
“In the future, the company will always insist on using no less than 25% of sales revenue to develop innovative drugs.” Wang Yong said.
It is understood that representatives of many companies in Nanjing that are developing new productivity have taken innovative research and development as their core competitiveness and have built top professional talent teams.

“Behind the achievements are Origin Space’s talents across space science, aerospace engineering, mineralogy, artificial intelligence, big data, space law and policy and other fields.” Yu Tianhong, co-founder and general manager of Origin Space, believes.

Looking at the list of Origin Space’s R&D team members, almost all of them graduated from first-class universities at home and abroad, and have participated in the development of dozens of models of satellites, spacecrafts, and space stations.

“The company has also attracted space resource industry experts from the European Space Agency to join the team, which is the first time in China.” Yu Tianhong said that in order to allow scientific research talents to “go into battle lightly”, the company continues to increase incentives for talents through a variety of methods, truly Stimulate and release the innovative vitality of the scientific research team, and cooperate with the Purple Mountain Observatory to establish a joint laboratory to jointly cultivate talents and carry out key core technology research.

Strengthening the in-depth integration of technological innovation and industrial innovation is the key to developing new productive forces. “In the past, industry-university-research cooperation used scientific research institutions as the main body and technology as the guide to transform results. Now companies are the ‘exporters’ and can accelerate the feedback of market application needs to the R&D entities, thus promoting the rapid improvement of independent innovation capabilities.” Zhou Ziyuan Introduction: Over the years, Yingtian Optics has maintained close industry-university-research cooperation with universities and institutes such as Nanjing University and Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute.

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The Role Of An Innovation System With Enterprises As The Main Body, Market As The Guide, And Deep Integration Of Industry, Academia And Research Has Been Demonstrated. With Precision Optical System Solutions As Its Core Competitiveness, Yingtian Optics Has Participated In A Number Of National Satellite-To-Ground And Inter-Satellite Laser Communication Technology Verifications, Becoming The First Domestic Commercial Aerospace Enterprise To Complete Space-To-Ground Docking Tests.
Zhou Ziyuan said that Yingtian Optics will keep up with the pace of national satellite Internet construction, continue to build and optimize the industry-university-research and application “cooperation circle”, implement the innovation-driven development strategy with practical actions, and make positive contributions to the construction of China’s space integrated high-speed backbone communication network .

0 3Set sail from “new”

Focus on the construction of “4266” industrial system

Develop new productive forces at a high level

In Nanjing, there are a large number of enterprises that have demonstrated new productivity. They have exploded into strong competitiveness in their respective fields and displayed a brilliant style.

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GenScript Biotechnology Co., Ltd., known as the “Global King of Gene Synthesis”, has achieved more than 30% of the global market share of artificial gene synthesis biological products after more than 20 years of focus and intensive cultivation.

Increase the service capabilities of the industrial chain and continue to strengthen and extend the chain. Recently, a special event to connect the city’s gene and cell therapy industry chains was held at GenScript. Companies in the “chain” had in-depth exchanges with universities and hospitals on industrial development and technical cooperation. GenScript signed intention cooperation agreements with Aylot Medical Research Institute, Provincial People’s Hospital, and Legend Biotech on site.

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The gene and cell industry is an important direction for the future development of the biomedical industry. At present, Nanjing has cultivated a number of industry leading enterprises and more than 20 start-up enterprises, including GenScript, Novozyme, Shihe Gene, and Reindeer Biotechnology, relying on the three development pilot areas of Jiangbei New District, Jiangning District, and Qixia District , a good ecology for industrial agglomeration development has initially been formed.

Only by seizing future industries can we be at the forefront. Nanjing is actively seizing six new future industry tracks: new generation artificial intelligence, third generation semiconductors, genes and cells, metaverse, future network and advanced communications, energy storage and hydrogen energy . In 2023, the city’s future industry business revenue will increase by 28% .

As one of the “national teams” in advanced manufacturing, Nanjing’s smart grid industry has gathered a number of leading enterprises such as Guodian NARC, Guodian Nari, and Nari Relay Insurance. There are nearly 1,200 related companies , and it has developed into a company covering “generation, transmission, It is an industrial cluster with nine key industrial chain links: transformation, distribution, utilization, dispatch, communications, comprehensive energy services, and power network security. Among them, the links such as generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and dispatch lead the country.

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Continue to enhance global competitiveness and help the industry “take off”. In 2023, smart grid business revenue will exceed 360 billion yuan , and this year the target will be “locked” at 420 billion yuan .
Original and disruptive scientific and technological innovation are the core elements for the development of new productive forces. Nanjing has obvious advantages in universities, colleges and scientific innovation platforms. It has 23 national key laboratories, accounting for 75% of Jiangsu’s , and 12 major scientific and technological infrastructures under research .

Empower industrial innovation with technological innovation and stimulate new advantages of new quality productivity. At the beginning of the new year, the adaptive optical fundus imaging equipment developed by Nanjing BoShi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the certification. Zhao Ye, the company’s chief operating officer, said that the device’s fundus imaging accuracy can reach 0.7 microns, helping doctors discover tiny cell-level lesions in the human eye, continuously tracking and monitoring disease progression and evaluating prognosis, and assisting precise diagnosis and treatment, new drug research and development, and scientific research.

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Strategic emerging industries and future industries are the main fronts for forming new productive forces. Through the implementation of the three-year action plan to strengthen the city through industry, Nanjing has cultivated and expanded the “2+6+6” innovative industrial cluster, and achieved positive results in the development of high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing. In 2023, the city’s software business revenue will reach 800 billion yuan, and business revenue from aerospace, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other industries will all maintain double-digit growth.


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