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Nanjing Investment “Near and Far Away”

Nanjing Investment

32 degrees north latitude

West Coast of Asia Pacific

The only ancient capital that spans the Yangtze River

The streets and alleys here run through the history of China

During the Six Dynasties, Nanjing had a population of one million

The first city in the world with a population of more than one million

Cultural and economic prosperity endures

600 years ago, the Chinese fleet sailed from here to the deep blue


The peak of Chinese civilization

Tolerance is the most prominent character of this ancient capital, and there are no outsiders in Nanjing.Because of tolerance, we are diverse, and because we are diverse, we are creative.It has pushed Chinese civilization to its peak several times.Today, books, literature, paintings, and readers are still abundant, and people who are immersed in reading can be seen everywhere.It is a city nourished by culture.

China’s industrial powerhouse

This is far more than the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, we also need to know that Nanjing is the cradle of China’s modern industry.It has created many Chinese firsts.The Nanjing Yongli Bisium plant was the first fertilizer plant in China and the largest chemical plant in Asia at the time.The first domestic light truck, the first domestic electron tube and the first automatic lathe in New China……All are made in Nanjing.It is an important town for chemicals, steel, electronics and automobiles, with a strong industrial base.

A city of modern industrial pioneers

Nanjing is not without “big factories”.There is no one of the strongest cities in the world’s smart grid industry.The country’s first software city, with a revenue of 800 billion yuan in the software information industry, is attacking trillions.Nanjing New Material Science and Technology Park is the world’s largest production base of acetic acid and derivatives, and the world’s largest production base of liquid methionine……There are also countless laboratories and teams of many major countries that shoulder the heavy responsibility of the country, which is Nanjing’s hidden confidence.Accumulate enough industry to strengthen the market potential, and the future industry is poised to develop.All the benefits come down to “a lot of talent here”.Jiangsu will build an industrial science and technology innovation center with global influence, and Nanjing will become the main carrying area.

A ticket to the dream hometown

Come, then, friends from afardear friendsIt’s a place to study, grow up, and fall in loveIt is suitable for employment, entrepreneurship, nostalgia and enthusiasmIt is advisable to make friends with landscapesIt is advisable to talk to flowers, grasses, insects and fishTweets from the Bug MuseumThe smile of the Yangtze finless porpoiseEnough to make you relaxGet back to nature and unleash yourself

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