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Nanjing International Consumption Festival (Summer) was officially launched

Nanjing International Consumption Festival

In order to further advance the cultivation of Nanjing as an international consumption center city and leverage the cumulative effects of festive events and policies to continuously stimulate the consumer market, the 2024 Nanjing International Consumption Festival (Summer) was officially launched on June 8th at the Baijiahu 1912 IPark. The event coincided with the 21st Nanjing Dragon Boat Race for Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

As a further exploration of deepening the integration of “commerce, culture, tourism, sports, and health” in Nanjing, this year’s traditional dragon boat race was innovatively combined with the 2024 Nanjing International Consumption Festival (Summer), which were launched synchronously during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Friends from foreign-invested enterprises in Nanjing experienced traditional Chinese culture amidst the fragrance of zongzi (rice dumplings) and the competition of dragon boats, and felt the charm of Nanjing’s consumer market in the bustling and modern Baijiahu business circle. When the Nanjing International Consumption Festival meets the Dragon Boat Festival, tradition and trendiness collide in Baijiahu, showcasing infinite charm. While inheriting excellent traditional Chinese culture and strengthening exchanges and interactions with foreign enterprises, it also further highlights the “international flair” of Nanjing’s consumer market.

The 2024 Nanjing International Consumption Festival (Summer) series of events will continue from June to September. Through city-district coordination and government-business cooperation, the cumulative effect of festival events and policy support will be fully utilized. By driving market expectations through the dual engines of “events + policies”, the festival aims to boost the market, stimulate commerce, and gather momentum. This summer, focusing on important consumption timings and summer consumption characteristics, Nanjing will organize nearly 500 diverse and rich consumer promotion events across seven major areas: night shopping, dining, accommodation, tours, entertainment, reading, and fitness, which will add vitality to the hot summer consumption.

Igniting the night scene in Nanjing with fashionable new consumption. Two events, the 2nd Nanjing International Beer Festival and the Xinjiekou Nightlife Festival, will kick off during the summer nights. This year’s Nanjing International Beer Festival will present an upgraded version called the “Nanjing Beer House Tour 2.0”, which will invite citizens to “check-in” at over 20 top beer houses in Nanjing and the surrounding area. Six leading pubs in Nanjing, in collaboration with six major beer brands, will host six exciting beer-drinking events. From June 21st to June 23rd, a themed fair will be held at the 21st Sunny Plaza in the Baijiahu business district, Jiangning Development Zone, featuring Belgian and German beer brands, local craft beer houses, distinctive dining brands, and prominent brands. Additionally, multiple satellite events will be held from June to July, which will ignite the summer nightlife. The Jiangning Outlet event is scheduled to open from June 22nd to June 23rd. The Xinjiekou Nightlife Festival will focus on the bustling Xinjiekou, Nanjing’s premier commercial area. In late June, a themed fair will be held, showcasing the summer consumer promotion activities of major shopping malls in the area and creating unique consumer destinations. Simultaneously, Qinhuai District, Gulou District, and Xuanwu District will organize nighttime consumption-themed events in their respective areas, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of Xinjiekou.

Summer nights are also a perfect time to indulge in exquisite cuisine. Centered around the themes of “spicy hot” and “refreshingly cool”, Jianye District hosted the “Summer Foodie Delights, Sleepless West City” event, along with the selection of star-rated merchants for the “West City Never Sleeps” Cup. This extravaganza combined mouthwatering dishes such as hot pot, crayfish, and delightful beverages with music, movies, and sports, creating an immersive new experience for summer nights. Qinhuai District hosts the 2nd Food Festival and Summer Consumption Festival, where local delicacies collide with summer-themed cuisine, creating a regional culinary carnival. In Nanjing’s Gulou District, the third Ice Cream Festival, named “Encounter with Summer”, takes place on Nanyi Back Street. This event allows participants to savor trendy ice cream flavors and introduces brand pop-up stores, offering a refreshing summer experience. Additionally, there are various thematic food events, such as crayfish and beer gatherings, and music-infused barbecues, catering to the diverse taste buds of food enthusiasts.

The integration of commerce, culture, tourism, sports, and wellness will be further deepened this summer. Nanjing Tourism Group will host the 3rd Jinling Qixi Cultural Festival in the Jinling STYLE area. Through innovative visual and auditory experience, nighttime performance and shopping, and evening tours, the festival aims to enrich the nighttime consumer scene around Xuanwu Lake. Meanwhile, the Nanjing Municipal Sports Bureau will hold the 2024 China Street Dance Championship (Nanjing) in the Laomendong area, inviting spectators to enjoy the competition and savor delicious food beneath the ancient city walls, creating a vibrant and joyful consumer experience. Other distinctive events, including the third season of the fireworks show in Jiangsu Garden Expo Park, the Tangshan Happy Water World fireworks show, the Wuxiang Water Town Summer Party, the Jinniu Lake Fantastic Light Festival, and the “Encounter Night Jinling” performance season, will also continue to unfold throughout the season.

During the Summer Consumption Festival, major business circles will densely present mid-year promotions, industry exhibitions will follow one after another, and online promotions will continue, which will offer citizens more direct discounts, higher quality products, and more interesting experience. Each district in the city will leverage its unique characteristics and resources to conduct delicious, fun, beautiful, and enjoyable consumption promotion events, which will bring an exciting summer to citizens and visitors.

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