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Nanjing “Eagle Eye”, produced by Shihe!

Eagle Eye

Recently, the headquarters is located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing

Shihe Gene has continuously obtained overseas orders

This one is mainly for oncology patients

Biomedical companies that carry out genetic testing

With excellent products

Not only in the domestic successful layout

And it has opened up overseas markets

“At present, cancer treatment has entered the era of individualized precision medicine, and genetic testing is a necessary prerequisite for achieving precision medicine.” Zhao Xianchao, co-founder and chief operating officer of Shiho Genomics, introduced that the work of Shiho Genomics is to “draw” genetic maps for cancer patients, and combine clinical evidence to assist doctors in formulating individualized treatment plans for patients.

With just one tube of blood, it can screen for 9 types of cancer

Early cancer screening is the focus of global attention, and “early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment” is currently the most effective strategy to fight cancer.

The “Shihe Eagle Eye” pan-cancer early screening product independently developed by Shihe Gene can screen 9 cancers including lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, endometrial cancer, and pancreatic cancer at one time with only one tube of blood. Once an abnormal signal is detected, the product can also locate the specific organ site where the signal is coming from, thus greatly reducing the time for tumor screening and diagnosis.

After the sample enters the medical testing laboratory of the headquarters of Shiho Genomics, the whole process of testing is recorded by the exclusive laboratory information management system. In the experimental process, multiple processes are handled by automated equipment, and the whole process is highly specialized, automated, and digitalized.

“Following the EU CE certification, ‘Shihe Eagle Eye’ has been recognized as a breakthrough medical device by the US FDA, becoming one of the only four multi-cancer early screening products in the world that have obtained this certification, and its technology has reached the world’s leading level.” Zhao Taochao introduced.

Fill the domestic gap and receive a reward of 6.6 million yuan

Last year

Independently developed by Shihe Gene

The “Shihe No. 1” kit was born

It once became a “phenomenal” product in the industry

“Shihe No. 1” kit

It is the first in China to pass the State Food and Drug Administration

Innovative medical devices are approved and marketed

NGS large panel tumor genetic testing products

The product covers 425 key genes that are highly related to tumor genesis, development and treatment prognosis through a single sample and a single detection, so as to calculate tumor mutational burden (TMB), provide more comprehensive molecular diagnosis and treatment information for cancer patients, help doctors make more accurate treatment decisions, and meet the growing clinical needs. Since the product was launched, the “Shihe No. 1” kit has been quickly purchased by major hospitals across the country.

“We have established cooperative relations with hundreds of large tertiary and cancer hospitals in China, including Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, Peking University Cancer Hospital, and the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.” According to Zhao Taochao, the breakthrough of “Shihe-1” is not only that it truly demonstrates the technical advantages of high-throughput sequencing, but also because its listing fills the gap in China, thus opening up a new situation for tumor NGS large panel products in hospital compliance testing.

In order to support the innovation and development of the biomedical industry, the implementation plan of the incentive policy for innovative drugs and devices in Jiangsu Province was officially promulgated, and “Shihe No. 1” was rewarded with 6.6 million yuan from the provincial government, and was included in the provincial key promotion and application of new technologies and new products.

The second phase of the project was launched, which greatly increased production capacity


Shiho Genomics has been focusing on scientific research and innovation

Continuously enhance R&D efforts

At present, it has nearly 60 invention patents at home and abroad

A number of core technologies and products are the first in China

Zhao Taochao believes that talent is an important driving force for innovation. The company has set up wholly-owned R&D centers in Nanjing, China and Toronto, Canada, attracting and cultivating interdisciplinary talents in the fields of tumor biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. Relying on Nanjing’s abundant scientific and educational resources, Shiho Gene has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with Nanjing Medical University, Southeast University, China Pharmaceutical University and many other universities, and continuously injected innovative vitality into the development of the enterprise by jointly building practice bases and jointly cultivating professional talents.

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