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Nanjing actively promotes the attraction service of foreign-funded enterprises and achieves practical results

Since the beginning of 2024, Nanjing has strengthened the overall coordination of attracting foreign businesses and investment by enhancing services for key overseas-funded projects. Up to the present, it has promoted the signing or registration of 27 key foreign-funded projects, such as projects in the negotiation phase, stock capital increase, and economic and trade cooperation, with a total investment of 2.82 billion US dollars and a project promotion rate of 36.4%.

Launch of “An Invitation in Spring”

This event aims at inviting overseas economic and trade institutions, key enterprises, and business associations to Nanjing for inspection, and continuing to expand Nanjing’s “circle of friends” of international economic and trade cooperation. In total, Nanjing has organized and invited more than 210 guests from 12 countries and regions to visit the city, and executed over 30 inspection, exchange and project matchmaking activities.

Measures to Attract Investment

Key sectors have been coordinated to hold various special investment promotion activities, including 47 economic and trade exchanges and cooperation activities domestically and internationally. The city proceeds the activity of Across the Headquarters of Multinational Corporations to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the headquarters of multinational corporations, as well as enrich the cultivation pool of foreign-funded headquarters, and the amount of headquarters of multinational corporations organized to visit have reached 51.


Efforts to Promote Key Projects

Nanjing has improved its service system for attracting investment from foreign-funded enterprises and kept the normal communication channels between governments and enterprises smooth, thus providing high-quality, efficient and convenient service guarantees for the enterprises mentioned above. It has also boosted the collaborative optimization of policies, activities, platforms, resources and information to attract foreign investment by establishing a sound working mechanism of city-district linkage and cross-department coordination.

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