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Nanjing ⇆ Huangshan, 2 hours!


According to China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd, Chihuang high-speed rail was opened for operation on April 26, and the tickets have been on sale to the public since April 25 at 20 o’clock. The line connects with the Nanjing-Anqing high-speed railway at Chizhou station, and it takes only 2 hours for Nanjing to reach Huangshan. Passengers can purchase tickets through the official website of Railway 12306, 12306 mobile APP, station ticket windows and railroad outlets.

The maximum speed of Chihuang High Speed Railway is operated at 350 kilometers per hour.At the initial stage of operation, a transitional operating schedule will be implemented, with up to 12 pairs of rolling stock trains scheduled for daily operation., respectively:

◆ 2 pairs of G4069/8 G4067/70 and G4075/8 G4077/6 from Hangzhou West to Wuhan.

◆ 2 pairs of C3673/2 C3675/8 and C3677/6 C3671/4 from Hangzhou West to Hefei South.

◆ 1 pair of C3681/0 C3679/82 from Nanjing South to Huangshan North

◆ 2 pairs of C3683/6 C3685/4 and C3687/90 C3689/8 from Hefei South to Huangshan North.

◆ 2 pairs of C3691/4 C3693/2 and C3695/8 C3697/6 from Hefei South to Huangshan West.

◆ Shanghai Hongqiao (Shanghai)~Huangshan Shanxi G7136/7/6 G7083/6/3 1 pair

◆ Shanghai Hongqiao – Huangshan North G7196/7/6 0.5 pairs

◆ Shanghai Hongqiao (Shanghai)~Anqing G7305/G7304 1 pair

◆ Huangshan North-Hefei South G8333/2 0.5 pairs

Chihuang High Speed Railway is located in the mountainous area of South Anhui Province, starting from Chizhou Station, passing through Guichi District and Qingyang County of Chizhou City, Anhui Province, Huangshan District of Huangshan City and Yixian County, and connecting to Yixian County East Station, with a total length of 125 kilometers of the main line and a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. According to the construction plan, the line connects with Nanjing-Anqing high-speed railway at Chizhou Station, and connects with Hangzhou-Nanchang high-speed railway at Yixian East Station, linking up a number of national famous scenic spots such as Jiuhua Mountain and Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot, promoting the development of tourism resources and industries along the line, and actively contributing to the construction of Yangtze River Economic Belt and the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta.

The railroad department reminds the majority of travelers, the train runs a specific number of cars, moments, fares, preferential information, etc., you can call the railroad 12306 customer service telephone, log on to the official website of the railroad 12306, cell phone App or refer to the station announcements to understand.

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