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Most Attractive City for Investment

Most Attractive City for Investment

On April 28, the 4th Global Cities Investment Promotion Conference held in Beijing released and interpreted the “2024 China City Investment Attractiveness Index Report”, and Nanjing won the honorary title of “2024 Most Attractive City for Investment”。 The report is supported by the National Image Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University, and has been selected and released for 13 consecutive years. The relevant data collection focuses on six indicators, including “location advantage, economic strength, scientific and technological innovation vitality, business environment, opening up, and people’s livelihood security”, to more objectively and comprehensively assess the investment attractiveness of cities.
Develop the economyProject construction is a “hard support”Investment promotion is the “main starting point”Behind the credit.

Where does this attraction of Nanjing come from?
From the investment heat of merchants to see the attractiveness

This year is the “breakthrough year for investment promotion” determined by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and the “First Meeting of the New Year” further clarified the direction of “breakthrough in tackling key problems”. Since the beginning of this year, focusing on the strong industrial city, the whole city has closely followed the city’s leading industries, tackled tough problems, bravely made breakthroughs, recruited new and excellent strong kinetic energy, took project work as the “front page headlines”, grasped large projects, good projects, and high-level projects, and took high-quality projects as a link to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity to gather “power sources”.

Looking at Nanjing, business negotiations, cooperation agreements, and projects have been started, which proves that Nanjing has always been a hot spot for businessmen to invest and do business.

At the intersection of Jiangshan Street and Lushan Road in Jianye District, the Jiangsu headquarters project of Hengsheng Electronics with an investment of 2 billion yuan has grown from only building a “R&D center” to making additional investment; south of Jiyin Avenue in Fangshan South Area, the countdown to the opening of the world’s second largest retailer with a total investment of about 650 million yuan and the world’s first membership-based warehousing and wholesale club has entered the countdown, from “the original negotiated landing project has only one store” to the addition of “the first market opening gas station in Chinese mainland”; At the beginning of this year, the American company Vison reached a cooperation agreement with Nanjing, planning to invest 185 million US dollars to build high-end projects such as aluminum alloy wheels, adding new members to the global “circle of friends”; in January this year, the Polestar Technology China headquarters project was signed and settled; in February, China Telecom laid out the “low-altitude economy” first choice Nanjing, and China Telecom Unmanned Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. landed……

On March 28 this year, Tianshui Huatian Electronics Group signed a contract in Pukou to settle in the second phase of Huatian Nanjing Integrated Circuit Advanced Packaging and Testing Industrial Base, with an additional investment of 10 billion yuan; On April 2, the major project of Nanjing City, the key high-end manufacturing equipment industrialization application project of the localization of Nanjing process rolling functional components, broke ground, which is a new project for the expansion of Nanjing Process Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 600 million yuan; Jiangsu V-SOL Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., which was rated as a unicorn enterprise, project 1The second phase of the construction has become an internationally advanced semiconductor chip packaging and testing production line, and the third phase of the advanced packaging and testing base project started in February this year to open up the high-end electronic product market……

Where there is a market, enterprises will go, and where there are opportunities, enterprises will go, which is a simple truth.Image
Attractiveness from the perspective of the business environment

Recently, in Jianye District, the first phase of the East China Headquarters project of Xiaomi Group, which is only one street away from Alibaba’s Jiangsu headquarters, has been completed, which will become the largest R&D center in China except for Xiaomi’s Beijing headquarters. In addition, Xiaomi has also opened a large-scale “Xiaomi Car Delivery Center” in the southern new city of Nanjing.

Coincidentally, the Glory Software R&D Headquarters project with a total investment of 3 billion yuan landed in Software Valley, and the ZTE server and storage product R&D and production center project with an investment of 900 million yuan was signed and settled in the …… of Jiangning Binjiang Development Zone

Why do many “big factories” R&D centers favor Nanjing?

Innovators and entrepreneurs, behind these are Nanjing’s two “confidences” – talent attraction and business environment.

In Nanjing, which is rich in scientific and educational resources, the state-owned scientific research platforms and universities all over the city are the “nutritious soil” for the city’s development. In the past year, the number of national-level talent projects in Nanjing ranked first in the country and the province, a total of 4 experts in Nanjing were elected as the new academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 person and 4 teams won the “National Engineer Award”, 10 talent teams were selected into the provincial talent research consortium, and was awarded the 2023 China’s Best Talent Introduction City, ranking sixth among the most “post-95” talent attraction cities in China.

On April 9, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2024 Global Unicorn List”, and 10 companies in Nanjing were selected, an increase of 2 from last year, ranking seventh in the total number of domestic cities. In 2019, Nanjing Lingxing Technology Co., Ltd. (T3 Mobility), a smart travel ecological platform that landed in Nanjing, was on the list.

“If you want to use ‘Maxima’, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles. “Nowadays, enterprises are making efforts in the field of autonomous driving, and talents are out-and-out “accelerators”, Cui Dayong, CEO of T3 Travel, said, “The development of enterprises is inseparable from talents, guarding a talent ‘forest’ like Nanjing, and not worrying about not finding the ‘strongest brain’ needed.” ”

Talents are coming to Nanjing to “check in”, and even come to Nanjing to “work hard”.

On April 18, the “Key Points of Nanjing’s 2024 Work to Optimize the Business Environment” was released, proposing a total of 26 measures. This is the sixth document on optimizing the business environment issued by Nanjing, and the construction of Nanjing’s business environment has entered the 6.0 era.

According to relevant data, the number of high-tech enterprises in Nanjing exceeded 10,000 last year, and it was rated as the “Top 10 Provincial Capitals and Sub-provincial Cities” and “Top 10 Provincial Capitals and Sub-provincial Cities with the Best Reputation” in the 2023 Business Environment Evaluation of 10,000 Private Enterprises.

Every growth figure and the settlement of every enterprise is the “best footnote” to Nanjing’s business environment, and it is also an “open embrace” to attract guests and friends from all over the world and activate the development potential.Image
Attractiveness in terms of urban development opportunities

In Jiangning, the construction project of the Nanjing R&D base of Shenzhen Infineon Technology Co., Ltd., a leading charging module from Shenzhen, has officially started, which is also the headquarters of Infineon in China. The company has successively won many titles such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s specialized and special new “little giant” enterprise and the first batch of key “little giant” enterprises, and the global market share of new energy charging modules exceeds 30%, ranking first in the industry.

Why did this “leader” settle in Nanjing? The answer cannot be avoided in Nanjing’s two industrial clusters: new energy vehicles and new power (smart grid).

Last year, Nanjing launched a three-year action plan to strengthen the city through industry, continue to consolidate and upgrade the four pillar industries, and cultivate and expand the “2+6+6” innovative industrial cluster; this year’s “first meeting of the new year” will continue to take the “number one project” to strengthen the city with industry; at the beginning of March this year, Nanjing issued the “2024 Work Points of the Action for a Strong City with Industry”, drawing a specific “construction drawing” for the construction of a strong city, which clearly conveys the city’s determination to unswervingly expand the industry and cultivate enterprises, and also gives enterprises the confidence to take root in Nanjing for development.

Within a radius of 100 kilometers, almost all the supporting facilities can be completed, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain can be found in the time of a cup of coffee – an industrial “puzzle” with the key words of “extending the chain and strengthening the chain” is becoming more complete and clear.

Founded in 1996, Focus Technology has always been rooted in Nanjing, and the company’s Made-in-China.com is a cross-border e-commerce platform serving Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Why choose Nanjing for global business? Cao Rui, vice president of Focus Technology, said that “standing in Nanjing, you can link the world”.

“Nanjing, connecting the south to the north and connecting the east to the west, is an important central city in eastern China, an important hub city at the intersection of the ‘Belt and Road’, an important node city in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, a megacity in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, an important gateway city in the development of the central and western regions driven by the Yangtze River Delta radiation, as well as the central city of the Nanjing metropolitan area and the capital of Jiangsu Province. She said.

With the “hard connection” of transportation infrastructure as a breakthrough, Nanjing has formed a “trinity” interconnected transportation network of water, land and air, and the land China-Europe train connects more than 10 countries in Asia and Europe, and the 50,000-ton sea ship on the Yangtze River can reach Nanjing Port at any time, and the “Air Silk Road” is getting wider and wider……

“Nanjing can be on the list together with first-tier cities in this subdivision, which is conducive to external image promotion, and also adds a new ‘city business card’ to the work of attracting investment. Wang Meng, deputy general manager of Jones Lang LaSalle Nanjing Branch and senior director of the strategic consulting department, believes that Nanjing deserves the honor of “2024 Most Attractive City for Investment”.

“First of all, the location advantage, as an important hub city to activate the economic exchanges between the north and the south, Nanjing is gradually transforming the location advantage into an economic advantage; Enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence and other fields can find the general-purpose talents they need when they come to Nanjing; the third is opening up to the outside world, and more and more investment institutions are more willing to invest their funds in line with ESG (that is, the English abbreviation of environmental, social, and governance, which is a kind of concern for the environment, society, and governance of enterprises. Nanjing is the first city in China to publish an ESG report, and it is the first to lay out the ESG investment field, using this more international language to promote the city’s image, and it is also easier to have international resonance. Wang Meng said.

Yao Guozhang, director of the Institute of Digital Economy of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, professor of the School of Management, and chairman of the Nanjing Digital Economy Science and Technology Society, also said that on the one hand, Nanjing’s constantly updated talent policy has played an obvious role in activating the advantages of scientific and technological innovation resources, and on the other hand, Nanjing is also full of bright spots in people’s livelihood protection and opening up, so that more enterprises are optimistic about Nanjing and choose Nanjing.

The title is abstract, but behind this title is a vivid and vivid action of people, things and enterprises. “Doing in Nanjing, breaking in Nanjing, and investing in Nanjing” has higher expectations and better prospects, and more and more “returning customers” are becoming “repeat customers”.

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