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Mechanics Primary School and Municipal Government Kindergarten


Recently, Lishui District held a signing ceremony for cooperative education with Mechanical Primary School and municipal kindergarten .

It is reported that at the signing ceremony, the Municipal Government Affairs Bureau and the Lishui District Government signed a cooperative school-running agreement, and the Gulou District Education Bureau, Xixi Primary School, Lishui District Education Bureau, and Ligao Investment Company signed a cooperative school-running agreement.

According to the agreement, Xue Lidong Road Kindergarten was listed as “Nanjing Municipal Lishui Kindergarten·Nanjing Municipal Fourth Kindergarten” , and the newly-built Chengnan Primary School and Xixi Primary School cooperated in running schools .


The main capping will be completed this year! Xinjian Chengnan Primary School and Mechanics Primary School cooperate in running schools

In Nanjing, when it comes to famous schools, many people will first think of “Lali Lang”. As the first-tier primary schools in Nanjing, Lhasa Road Primary School, Mechanical Primary School, and Langya Road Primary School have strong teaching staff, a high student source circle, and the number of students admitted to Nanjing Foreign Language School ranks among the top.

Among them, Mechanics Primary School is located at No. 120, Hankou West Road, Nanjing. It was co-founded by Shao Lizi and Fu Xuewen, the famous patriotic and peaceful seniors. The school is strategically located, surrounded by Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Hohai University and other universities, and has a rich cultural atmosphere.

The new Chengnan Primary School project is adjacent to Shiyan Road to the east, Longtan Road to the south, and Yifeng South Road to the west. According to the requirements of Lishui’s 2024 People’s Livelihood Project, the main capping of Chengnan Primary School will be completed this year .

According to the preliminary planning, the total construction area of ​​the new Chengnan Primary School project is about 50,537 square meters , of which the above-ground construction area is about 36,298 square meters. Its main functions are primary school teaching rooms, administrative office rooms, sports activity rooms, restaurants and other service and ancillary rooms ;

The underground construction area is about 14,239 square meters , and its main functions are underground pick-up and drop-off waiting hall, underground garage, equipment rooms, civil air defense and fire-fighting facilities .

The school plans to build A#-1 comprehensive service center (1F), A#-2 teaching building blue building and lecture hall (3F), B# teaching building yellow building (4F), C# teaching building green building (4F), D# gymnasium (2- 3F), restaurant (1F), E#-1 Art Center (2F), E#-2 Administration Building (3F), the two are connected through the library gallery , and F# Performance Center (1F).

In addition, multiple courtyards, landscape galleries, express delivery centers, communication rooms, etc. are also planned.

The eastern part of the school plans to build outdoor equipment venues, volleyball courts, basketball courts, 300-meter sports fields, stands, planting gardens, rainwater collection tanks , etc.

The project covers an area of ​​about 6259 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​about 7211 square meters . It plans to construct 2 buildings, as well as underground parking lots, landscape corridors and other buildings, covering children’s centralized activity venues, children’s divided activity venues, paddling pools, and tree hole climbing. A series of supporting facilities such as crawling nets and landscape sketches .

According to the requirements of the Lishui District Government Work Report, the Xueli East Road Kindergarten was completed and put into use this year .

It is reported that in order to promote the high-quality development of education in Lishui District, in principle, all new schools will adopt the school-running model of “famous schools outside the district, famous gardens + new schools” .

In the future, we hope to make Lishui’s high-quality education “ deserved ” through cooperation with more famous schools and gardens .

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