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Major technological breakthrough! Lishui enterprise achieves industry first

Lishui enterprise achieves

Not long ago, Nanjing Momentum Materials Technology Co., Ltd., located in Huizhi Industrial Park, Lishui Development Zone , became the first company in the country to achieve mass production of nanoporous carbon powder after a series of major technological breakthroughs from invention patents to mass production.

Walking into the production workshop of Nanjing Momentum Material Technology Co., Ltd., more than 20 R&D engineers and workers are rushing to rush for orders. The tiny toner that comes off the end of the production line looks ordinary, but it hides “black technology”. “This is nanoporous carbon powder. If you put the carbon powder under a microscope, you can see many pores. The unique nanoporous structure can bring more possibilities to new energy fields such as hydrogen energy, lithium electricity, and sodium electricity, and greatly improve Its safety and stability.” Li Xiaoan, the founder of the company, said that the company obtained the invention patent in 2021. After a series of technical research on quantitative production, it finally obtained the “international major patent for hydrogen fuel cell application” not long ago. Factory” order.

This mass production process of nanoporous carbon powder is the first of its kind for the company . It has a three-dimensional through-hole nanopore structure inside. Each hole is connected to 12 surrounding holes. The pore size distribution is narrow and can be accurately controlled in the range of 2-1000nm. It is suitable for scenarios such as lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials that require high pore volume.  In addition, nanoporous carbon powder has the characteristics of graphitizability and is suitable for electrochemical application scenarios with special requirements such as corrosion resistance and hydrophobicity. It is currently widely used in the catalyst layer and microporous layer of electrolyzers and hydrogen fuel cells .

“We started from the core materials of hydrogen fuel cells, and brought more possibilities to hydrogen fuel, lithium batteries, etc. with first-class technology, greatly improving their safety and stability.” The person in charge of the company said that this new order After successful pilot testing by customers, orders will be stabilized and it is expected to bring tens of millions of yuan in revenue to the company every year. At present, the development of the hydrogen energy industry is at its peak, and the company is continuing to expand its production scale, putting “hydrogen” equipment on the market, and embarking on the fast track for the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Nanjing Momentum Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and manufacturing of membrane electrodes and core raw materials . Its main products are nanoporous carbon powder, nanoporous carbon membranes and new nanostructured catalysts with independent intellectual property rights, which are widely used in Hydrogen fuel cells, lithium batteries, flow batteries and other new energy fields, and has reached cooperation with many universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has won the titles of “National Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Outstanding Enterprise”, “Double Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Doctoral Project”, “Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, “High-tech Enterprise” and “Nanjing Expert Studio”.

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