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Lishui’s first trunk tunnel

trunk tunnel

ushered in the latest progress. At present, the main structure of the open section has been completed.

Tunnel internal work is 80% completed

Recently, Xiaoli entered the project construction site. “We are flushing and maintaining the poured concrete floor of the tunnel, and at the same time carrying out pile foundation construction, and strive to complete it by the end of this year.” said the person in charge of the site.

The Lishui Development Section of Provincial Highway 204 was originally a two-way four-lane highway, and the planned new route involves tunnel engineering. The tunnel starts from Binhuai Avenue in the north and goes south through Airport Road, Hehua Road, Machang Road West Extension, Kangfu Road, Yiganhe Dashui Road, Chengxi Life Road, Yongshou Road, and intersects with Jiaotong West Road to connect with the main urban area of ​​Lishui. Qifeng Road; with a total length of 2,015 meters, of which the buried section is 1,545 meters long, it is the first trunk tunnel in Lishui and the longest trunk tunnel in the city .

After verification by place name experts, the tunnel was named Qinhuaiyuan Tunnel. After the project is completed, it will better optimize the transportation connection between provincial highway transit traffic, important urban sectors and major new cultural tourism projects, and provide a good transportation environment for future development.

rovincial Highway 204 is a longitudinal passage in the central and western regions of Jiangsu Province. It is an important part of the “Seventeen Radiators” in the planned “One Ring, Seven Horizontal and Seventeen Radiators” trunk road network. It connects many important areas in Nanjing and is the external link of Lishui District. One of the main thoroughfares for travel. With the rapid advancement of Nanjing’s urban and rural development strategy, as well as the rapid development of Lishui Development Zone and the main urban area, traffic volume has increased rapidly, and the reconstruction and expansion of Provincial Highway 204 is imminent. It is now one of the major strategic transportation projects in Lishui District.

The total length of the project under construction in Lishui District of Provincial Highway 204 is 15.87 kilometers , of which 5.2 kilometers of the Honglan section have been fully completed and opened to traffic.

The main construction of the 8.27-kilometer development section has been completed and 68% is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic by the end of this year.

The main structure of the 2.4-kilometer open section of the tunnel has been completed, and 80% of the internal engineering of the tunnel has been completed. It is planned to be completed and open to traffic by the end of this year.

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