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Lishui’s first “five-certificate issuance” project

five-certificate issuance

Recently 2024 Lishui District Provincial Major Project Jiangsu Saijia intelligent production base Smooth start of constructionIt has become the first “five-certificate issuance” project in the region According to the plan. There are also a number of such projects in our district this yearThe landing is accelerating.

As a major provincial project in Lishui District in 2024, Jiangsu Saijia Intelligent Production Base Project is invested and constructed by Jiangsu Saijia Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to build a new conventional and intelligent flexible customized production line for the production of surgical kits and various medical equipment. The project covers a total area of 25,907 square meters with a total investment of 3 billion yuan.

In 2024, Lishui District will formulate the “Work Guide for the “Five Certificates” for Major Industrial Projects in Lishui District”, make full use of the 40-day time for land listing and transaction publicity, and ensure that within 5 working days after the project signs the land transfer contract, the “five certificates” such as construction land planning permits, real estate property rights certificates, construction project planning permits, construction drawing review certificates and construction permits will be issued simultaneously, so as to promote the “re-acceleration” of project construction 。

“This time, after learning about the project of Jiangsu Saijia Intelligent Production Base, we intervened in advance and took the initiative to serve. In the early stage, centralized counseling for approval and construction application was carried out, a flow chart for the project was made for review, a customized approval promotion plan was tailored, and a district-level agent was assigned to follow up and guide the whole process. According to the relevant person in charge of the district agency center, led by the district project office, the district and park agents will track the whole process, and through the joint pre-examination in advance, the efficient coordination of departments, and the close connection of links, etc., so that the approval of project-related matters can be “one-time”, which saves a lot of time for each link to obtain certificates.

According to reports, the project has obtained the “construction land planning permit” in the early stage, the “construction project planning permit” and “construction drawing review certificate” on March 20, and the “real estate property certificate” and “construction project construction permit” on March 22, in the real sense of the “five certificates issued”. At present, Lishui has changed the “relay run” of the department to “run side by side” through the “five certificates at the same time” model, compressing the average completion time of the project from signing and registration, land acquisition to starting construction from about 260 days to about 150 days, and compressing the average completion time from 95 days to 45 days for the “land and other projects” plots that have completed land acquisitionto efficiently promote the implementation of industrial projects.According to the relevant person in charge of the district agency center, a number of major provincial and municipal projects such as Zhongyuan Huichuang, Jingyao Intelligence, and Weidun Technology are advancing to the listing stage in this mode, and 13 major projects in newly started provinces and cities are scheduled to achieve “five certificates at the same time”, accounting for 56.5%, and the smooth start of the Saijia project has made a good start for the implementation of this initiative.

For a long time, Lishui has adhered to user thinking and customer experience, continuously optimized the business environment, created a full-service matrix, strengthened the confidence of enterprises to dare to do, stimulated the innovation vitality of business entities, and gathered a number of benchmark enterprises such as Siemens CNC Nanjing New Factory, Nanjing Xinwangda, Longdian Huaxin, Baowu Magnesium, Kaiwo Automobile, Nanjing Chang’an, etc., forming a development trend of hundreds of boats competing for the current and thousands of sails.

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