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Lishui Yuhua Tea

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One bud, one leaf and a touch of fragrance

One person and one basket are busy picking tea

in recent days

Jingqiao Town, Lishui District

Shengfeng Tea Yuhua Tea Base

Entering the mining period, the “first pot” Yuhua tea is released

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On the morning of March 18, in Ma Village, Ruijia Village, Jingqiao Town, Shengfeng Tea Industry officially mined 800 acres of Yuhua tea. The continuous buds of the tea garden burst into bloom. Dozens of local women carried tea baskets on their backs and walked among the tea ridges. , picking up and down with fingertips, skillfully picking the first batch of fresh spring buds, a busy scene. “Affected by the cold wave and frost weather some time ago, the spring buds sprouted 3 to 5 days later than in previous years, but fortunately there was abundant rain and the first buds were plumper, so the quality of Yuhua tea this year is better than in previous years.” Shengfeng Tea Industry Chen Shengfeng, the person in charge and the intangible inheritor of Yuhua tea making skills, said that the picking of Yuhua tea is very particular. When the tea leaves have grown to one bud and two leaves, they should be picked with one bud and one leaf in full bloom.

Nanjing Yuhua tea is famous for its green color and elegant aroma. According to reports, Yuhua Tea has created a unique process of shaping, rolling and striping. Its production techniques include: picking, spreading, finishing, rolling, shaping and drying, refining, baking and other processes. It is considered by the industry to represent the highest level of traditional green tea production technology. level. In 2023, China’s traditional tea-making techniques and related customs have been included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity , including Nanjing Yuhua tea-making techniques . “The market for Yuhua tea is getting more and more popular. There have been orders of nearly 1,000 kilograms this year, and it is expected to enter the peak picking period next week.” Chen Shengfeng said.

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Good mountains and good waters produce good tea. Jingqiao Town is a typical hilly area with rich mountain resources and excellent ecological endowments. The current tea planting area is more than 4,600 acres . There are 8 tea planting and production enterprises in the town. The main products are Yuhua tea, Biluochun, white tea, etc., with an annual output value of 92 million yuan . Tea has become a major green industry in the town to enrich the people. In order to continue to strengthen the tea industry, Jingqiao Town has built the Yuhua Tea Culture Exhibition Hall, the Jiangsu Province Local Talent Inheritance Demonstration Base, the Yuhua Tea Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop, and the Yuhua Tea Production Skills Inheritance and Experience Center in Ruijia Village, creating one or two An important position for the integrated development of the three industries . “We will actively expand the tea planting area around the Yuhua Tea Garden Base, connect dots and connect them into tracts, build a modern tea industry system with coordinated development of tea industry, tea tourism, tea culture, etc., promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, and help Rural revitalization.” said the relevant person in charge of Jingqiao Town.

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