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Lishui this “May Day” fire out of the circle

May Day

80,000 Music Fans Gather at Lishui MIDI Music Festival

Hot Lishui special product life set

Romantic Night Tour of Wuxi Water Town

Crowded Pothang Bridge Temple Fair


“May Day holiday

Lishui is on CCTV again!

Let’s review with Li.

This wonderful vacation it is!

3 days 27 groups of artists on stage, the number of people watching nearly 80,000 people, nearly 60% of the ratio of cross-provincial music fans, pop, rock and other diversified music styles bloom …… “May Day” holiday.# Mizu Bean Music Festival # rushed to the microblogging hot search, the whole network of Mizu Bean related topics of concern over 800 million; May 4 CCTV’s “Evening News” focuses on the 11th MIDI Music Festival. The music feast of MIDOU and the energetic city of Lishui will be hot again.

At the festival site, cultural creations, food and special non-heritage have been presented to promote Lishui’s food, beauty and scenery to music fans nationwide. It is worth mentioning that Lishui Specialty Products Life Collection. In the MIDOU field outside the hot market, “powder” countless music fans, tourists. Three days, food and agricultural products area sales of nearly 40,000 yuan; clothing area sales of nearly 20,000 yuan, fan membership increased by about 5,000 people; Ruimosike enterprise electric motor booking volume of more than 100 units; new energy vehicle area consulting and booking the number of test drive up to 500 people.

“The rooms were basically sold out in early April, and the turnover of 1-day rooms is expected to be around 50,000 yuan.” Duan Shuyu, general manager of Li Zai Feng Granary Hotel, introduced. Under the strong attraction of Midou, Lishui during the festival Hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs booked hot A room is hard to find. “May Day” holiday, the region’s key monitoring of the 15 lodging enterprises to achieve turnover 4.6942 million dollars year-on-year Increase of 8.5%.

 Flowering fever continued into the “May Day” holiday. “This is a beautiful place to take a picture of! “In Nanjing Rose Garden, Thousands of acres of flower sea romance on line, visitors roam in the flower sea, with the camera to record the romance of spring. The first three days of the holiday, Nanjing Rose Garden single day traffic nearly 20,000 visits. The new rose specialty bazaar and travel photography business in the park are very popular among tourists.

 In addition to enjoying flowers, spring trekking and camping has become the choice of many people. In Museiji Reservoir, Yueno Camping Base And other outdoor places, a roof of various types of tents such as spring in the lawn, under the shade of the trees, “camping”, the public, tourists enjoy the holiday season of cozy time.

Rural tourism is popularTwilight and early summer. Cherries in Junggyo, cherry fruit in Hongran, and mulberry in Seokchu. One after another sweet market, quite popular with the majority of picking tourists favor.

 In Jingqiao Town Tanglei Cherry Farmers Cooperative, 300 acres of cherries were on the market. During the cherry picking, Jingqiao town combined with the beautiful countryside tour, organized a study, marathon fun run and other activities, attracting many citizens and tourists to participate. “Took the children together to participate, experience the fun of picking, enjoy the beauty of the countryside, too pleasant!” Ms. Tang, a tourist from Nanjing, said.

furthermoreunder the cool roofFancy “May Day” Springtime Energizing ActivityMt LuoBeer and Lobster Concert at Flower Fire Camping ParkPuchong BridgeShizishan Temple Fair …… During the “May Day” holiday, many citizens and tourists went into the vast beautiful countryside of Lishui, enjoying the idyllic scenery, picking seasonal fruits, staying in characteristic lodgings, and enjoying the slow life during the holiday.

Holiday economy continues to heat up

 May 1-5 Wuhuishui Township organizes “Wonderful Meeting with Tang Rhythm”.April Dynasty Fest.”The Pear Garden, Tang Style Show, and Iron Blossom Festival will keep visitors entertained from morning to night.

  ”This year’s ‘May Day’ we have brought more new experiences to the park, the popularity of the activities during the burst, especially the characteristics of the night tour to attract many tourists to come to experience the romance of crossing the Shengtang.” The relevant person in charge of the thoughtless water town said that the scenic area during the holiday cumulative reception of tourists nearly 50,000 visits.

On the eve of “May Day”, Lishui District released in advance on the new media platform “Lishui Release”.“May Day” holiday strategy, Lishui “night life” most complete strategy Lishui District has been warming up in advance for the holiday attraction and consumption services. During the “May Day” holiday, Lishui District carries out more than 40 business, culture and tourism integration consumption promotion activities through scene building and attracting traffic, matrix publicity and promotion of diversified activities. Hailu City – Tongji Street, Wanda – Wuxi Water Townand other business districts as the center, elaborate More than 40 nighttime consumption scenarios while tandem More than 40 sessions. Trade-in and mall sales are in full swing to unleash new momentum in the holiday economy.

During the 5-day long vacation

The traffic flow of Hyland City reached 260,000 visits

total income from sales 15.47 million dollars

Passenger sales realized double growth

Total sales of Manchen Sugo and RT-Mart 5.06 million dollars

Total sales of Jingdong Five Star and Suning Electrical Appliances$2.91 million

Of which trade-in related sales revenue 950,000 dollars.

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