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Lishui students successfully counterattacked

Lishui students

From “Upgrade” And then to graduate students. This is Jiang Wenhao, a vocational student in Lishui Through two counterattacks Writing inspirational youth. Recent He was admitted with a score of 406 Graduate student of Nanning Normal University A new wonderful life is about to begin

ailing the high school entrance examination regained confidence

Jiang Wenhao, who took the high school entrance examination in 2017, missed the ordinary high school and chose to major in tourism management at Lishui Technical College. “At that time, I heard from the teacher that I still have the opportunity to go to university by taking the vocational education college entrance examination, and I learned that the college entrance examination acceptance rate of my major is relatively high, and I have great hope of upgrading my capital. At that time, Jiang Wenhao never gave up his dream of going to university.After entering Lishui Vocational School, with the help of teachers, Jiang Wenhao regained his confidence in learning little by little, developed good study habits, from more than 20 students in the class for the first entrance exam, to the top 5 in the class for the next three years of high school, he moved towards his goal step by step.

The college entrance examination counterattacked and realized the dream university

The difference between the vocational education college entrance examination and the ordinary college entrance examination is that the vocational education college entrance examination not only tests technical practice, but also tests three basic courses other than the number of languages. For this reason, while Jiang Wenhao stepped up the practice of professional skills, he made up for his weak basic courses, and returned to the dormitory after self-study every night to continue reading until late at night. In 2020, Jiang Wenhao was admitted to Huaiyin Normal University with excellent results in the vocational education college entrance examination, majoring in tourism management, and finally realized his dream of university.In the process of studying at the undergraduate level of Huaiyin Normal University, Jiang Wenhao found that the study of his professional courses was like a fish in water, and some hands-on skills were also at his fingertips. “A lot of knowledge is covered in secondary school, and after further study in college, I understand it more thoroughly and my memory is more solid. “The repeated practice and practice in Lishui Vocational School has given him a deeper understanding of his major.

Take advantage of the momentum and “go ashore” for postgraduate entrance examination

In the eyes of many people, Jiang Wenhao’s counterattack is amazing enough, but his goal is more than that. “When I entered university, I found that I was surrounded by very good people, and there was still a big gap in my major, so I couldn’t slow down my efforts. Jiang Wenhao said that after being admitted to the undergraduate, he felt more and more that time was precious and knowledge was lacking, so he should cherish the good time of studying in school even more.When he was a sophomore, Jiang Wenhao came up with the idea of going to graduate school with the support of his class teacher. Memorize words, learn politics, do math problems, ……With an infinite vision of the goal, Jiang Wenhao devoted almost all his time to studying, especially making up for his weak subjects, “I will save all the scratch paper for doing math problems every day and keep it, and in the end, I found that I had saved two large boxes!”.

Efforts pay off. Now, Jiang Wenhao has successfully achieved another leap on the road to study and was admitted to Nanning Normal University as a graduate student. “The students from our vocational education are not bad, what others can do, we can do the same!” From secondary vocational students to undergraduates, and then to master’s students, Jiang Wenhao completed a continuous “jump” in 7 years, and also interpreted the wise saying “knowledge changes destiny” with practical actions.

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