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Lishui folk customs make New Year

Lishui folk customs

The dragon rises and the horse jumps, the temple fair welcomes spring. The Year of the Dragon, Lishui folk customs make New Year, make you a prosperous Chinese year!

If asked in Lishui New Year must punch what?

That must be the Chinese year in folklore,

Looking for the “New Year flavor” in traditional culture,

Enjoy folk customs, taste the New Year, celebrate the New Year,

Please keep this guide

During the Spring Festival, there is a custom of jumping horse lanterns in Lishui countryside. Jingqiao, Hwa Bong, Seoku and other towns are the most popular.

The lantern is made of bamboo strips, with paper on the surface and candles inserted at the end. Leave a space in the middle of the lantern, fixed on the actor’s waist during the performance. The actors are painted with oil and color, dressed in ancient costumes, holding swords, spears and other cold weapons, mainly running formations, such as the so-called butterfly array, scissors array, and flower array, and occasionally fighting against each other.

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