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Lishui automobile company settles in China-Arab Industrial Park

China-Arab Industrial Park

Recently, Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kaiwo Group”) received an overseas investment certificate to settle in the “China-Arab Industrial Park”, becoming the first overseas investment certificate approved for the China-Arab Industrial Park in Nanjing this year.

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The China-UAE (United Arab Emirates) Production Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park is a nationally designated “Belt and Road” production capacity cooperation park. It is a major cooperation project that implements the important consensus reached by the leaders of China and UAE and serves the construction of the “Belt and Road”. The demonstration park is located in the Khalifa Economic Zone in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Construction officially started in 2018, with a total area of ​​12.2 square kilometers. Based on resource endowments and market factors, it focuses on the development of new energy, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, biomedicine and other industries. It has Many advantages such as unique transportation location, convenient logistics and transportation, and low overall cost have attracted many companies to settle here.

  Kaiwo Group is a unicorn enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of new energy vehicles and core parts. It is also the only new energy commercial vehicle headquarters enterprise in Nanjing. The company has a complete industrial chain, and its products cover 4-18 meter automobiles, tourist vehicles, logistics vehicles, passenger cars, sanitation vehicles, trucks, driverless vehicles and other products, and can provide users with complete new energy overall solutions.

 Last year, after the Lishui District Commerce Bureau learned that Kaiwo Group had an investment plan to “go global”, it took the initiative to meet the needs of enterprises, help enterprises expand overseas markets, closely connect with relevant municipal units, and actively provide high-quality products, services, and brands for enterprises. “Going Out” provides full-process services. In April this year, Kaiwo Group will complete relevant landing procedures and gradually start business.

After several years of overseas market business layout, the total overseas sales of Kaiwo Automobile have exceeded 60,000 units. This year, Kaiwo Group’s global new energy vehicle market sales target is to exceed 10 billion yuan . “The Middle East is rich in photothermal resources and is suitable for the development of clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and hydrogen energy. This time we settled in the China-UAE Industrial Park, which means that we also have a core presence overseas.” The relevant person in charge of Kaiwo Group said, In addition to on-site production in the future, we will also try to carry out R&D cooperation with local technology companies and universities to accurately develop automotive products. At the same time, we will cultivate local parts companies to achieve local supply of automotive parts, create a win-win industrial structure, and enhance local industrial development. level and provide more jobs for local residents, work with Arab countries to promote the global green energy industry, and achieve sustainable development of the regional economy.

  In recent years, Lishui District has continued to promote high-level opening up to the outside world and increased efforts to attract foreign investment and “two-way rush” for economic and trade. In the first quarter, the actual utilization of foreign capital in the region was US$72.78 million, an increase of 674%, and the total import and export volume was 3.7 billion yuan. The completion progress was at the forefront . In the next step, Lishui will further implement a series of opening-up measures such as the “Cross-border E-commerce Action”, “Special Action for Utilizing Foreign Investment”, “Entering Multinational Companies Action” and “Advantage Products Overseas Action” to promote more enterprises in our region to participate in international competition. Cooperate with economy and trade to attract more high-end foreign-invested enterprises from around the world to gather in Li.

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