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Leaders of the Provincial Department of Commerce met with Hu Wentao, President of Wacker Chemie China

Leaders of the Provincial Department

On May 10, Chen Tao, Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, met with Hu Wentao, President of Wacker Chemicals China, and his delegation to discuss how to better promote WACKER’s investment in Jiangsu.

Chen Tao gave a brief introduction to the latest social and economic development and international economic and trade cooperation in Jiangsu, and learned in detail about WACKER’s investment and operation in Jiangsu and the progress of the expansion of the Zhangjiagang base. He pointed out that the Provincial Department of Commerce has maintained close interaction with WACKER for a long time, and that the expansion project of the Zhangjiagang production base is now in a critical construction stage. He stressed that the chemical industry is an indispensable and important link in the modern industrial system, and hoped that WACKER would give full play to its advantages in technological research and development in the field of chemical industry, combine it with the advantages of Jiangsu’s new energy, biomedicine, integrated circuits and other industries and the advantages of the ultra-large-scale market, and actively participate in the construction of the province’s industrial chain to strengthen the chain and extend the chain, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Hu Wentao said that with the personal concern of the leaders of Jiangsu Province and the active promotion of the Provincial Department of Commerce and other departments, WACKER’s investment projects in Jiangsu have been carried out smoothly, which fully demonstrates the great importance that Jiangsu Province attaches to foreign-invested enterprises and its work style of pragmatically addressing their concerns, and further strengthens the confidence of WACKER headquarters in the sustainable investment and development of WACKER headquarters in Jiangsu.

The relevant persons in charge of the Cooperation Department and the Foreign Investment Department of the Department attended the meeting.

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