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Leaders of the Provincial Department of Commerce met with Chen Xiaojing, Senior Vice President of Eli Lilly China

Provincial Department of Commerce

Recently, Tang Dajun, member of the Party Leadership Group of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce and deputy director of the Provincial Free Trade Office, met with Chen Xiaojing, senior vice president of Eli Lilly China, and his party at the department.

Tang Dajun welcomed the visit of Chen Xiaojing and his entourage, and introduced to the other party the latest situation of Jiangsu taking the lead in exploring the open innovation of the whole biomedical industry chain in the country. He said that Jiangsu continues to optimize the business environment and strive to provide a higher-level development platform for foreign-funded enterprises, including Eli Lilly, with higher-quality development. It is expected that Eli Lilly will combine its leading advantages in the industry to provide more assistance for the open development of the whole biopharmaceutical industry chain in Jiangsu. The Provincial Department of Commerce will continue to play the role of the foreign investment task force to strengthen support services for Eli Lilly’s operation and development in Jiangsu.

Chen Xiaojing introduced the situation of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals Chairman and CEO Dai Wenrui visiting Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao in March this year. Eli Lilly plans to transfer some of the drugs produced abroad to domestic production, and hopes that the Provincial Department of Commerce will actively coordinate with relevant provincial departments and provide care and support through channels such as the special class for foreign investment.

The comrades in charge of the Cooperation Department and the Foreign Investment Office of the Department accompanied the meeting.

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