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Jiangning signed a concentrated contract of 12.42 billion yuan

Jiangning signed a concentrated contract of 12.42 billion yuan

On May 5, the last day of the “May Day” holiday, Jiangning District launched a “summer offensive” to the second quarter with an on-site observation and promotion meeting of major industrial projects.

  • On the construction site, large projects are “galloping”, and strive to start all new projects in the first half of the year;
  • On the signing table, 17 large projects with a total investment of 12.42 billion yuan were laid out to be “new”, which was the “ballast” for the goal of “completing more than 80% of the annual investment promotion task in the first half of the year”.

Spell construction

Strive to start all new projects in the first half of the year

Nanjing Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. is a garden-style factory nestled in the natural landscape. In the newly completed Phase III factory, AGV trolleys, robotic arms, and fully automatic assembly lines work closely together under the command of the “Smart Brain” to operate the largest blood cell reagent factory in Asia.
“The Nanjing factory has a good momentum of development, and the annual output value has maintained a growth of more than 20% in recent years. The third phase of the plant was completed at the end of last year, and this year it will be transferred from trial production to mass production. The general manager of the company revealed, “From January to April, the overall output value of the Nanjing factory increased by about 50%. ”

Construction machinery roars, transport vehicles shuttle, and workers hurry up to work…… As a major provincial and municipal project, the second phase of the NARI Jibao Intelligent Electrical Equipment Industrial Park is sprinting to the construction goal of being fully capped in July.”The second phase of the project will help NARI Jibao successfully break through a series of key technologies such as power control, protection and industrial control. According to the person in charge of the project, the annual operating income of the project will increase by 1.8 billion yuan after it reaches production.

This year, Jiangning District will make every effort to promote the construction of 194 major industrial projects in the implementation category, and by the end of April, the district’s major industrial projects have completed an investment of 14.31 billion yuan, with an investment rate of 36.1%. Among them, 46 projects, such as Inovance Robot, Costco Membership Store, and Sinoma Lithium-ion Battery Separator, have been completed and equipment has been purchased. The whole region strives to achieve the goal of “100% start-up rate of newly started projects in the first half of the year”.

Fight for investment

Strong launch of the “summer offensive”

As the “highlight” of the day’s activities, 17 projects with a total investment of 12.42 billion yuan were signed, involving smart grids, intelligent manufacturing equipment and other industries. Among them, there are 8 industrial projects with a total investment of 10.02 billion yuan.

Investment promotion is a “strong engine” for high-quality development. Since the beginning of this year, Jiangning District has carried out investment promotion activities “south, north and overseas”, and signed a total of 62 projects with a total investment of more than 30.6 billion yuan, including Polestar Technology and 100 megawatt energy storage projects, with a total investment of 30.6 billion yuan, including 2 projects of more than 5 billion yuan and 7 projects of more than 1 billion yuan.

“This year, we plan to hold a 1,000-person investment conference, two important economic and trade negotiations, five entrepreneur forums and exchanges, and a number of ‘small teams’ for precise docking, so as to comprehensively fight the ‘active battle’ of investment promotion. The relevant person in charge of the Commerce Bureau of the district said that in the first half of the year, it will anchor the goal of “attracting high-quality projects to complete the annual target, the actual total investment, the actual use of foreign capital, and the starting/operation of projects to complete more than 80% of the annual tasks”, and launch the “summer offensive” of Jiangning investment.

Fight for development

Seize the day and sprint “double more than half”

Fighting in the second quarter and winning the “double more than half”, Jiangning District sounded the clarion call to seize the day, and each plate “you chase me to catch up” showed the “battle map”.

  • Jiangning Development Zone will accelerate the implementation of 11 action plans, including the enterprise development companion plan, the construction of industrial “chain master” enterprises, and the intelligent transformation and digital transformation network
  • Kirin Science and Technology Innovation Park strives to achieve a 100% start-up rate of new projects in the second quarter
  • Jiangning High-tech Zone and Binjiang Development Zone will make every effort to take the initiative and tackle tough battles for steady industrial growth, and promote breakthroughs in investment promotion;
  • At the street level, we will make good use of the cross-regional circulation mechanism of industrial projects to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized industrial concentration areas.

The relevant person in charge of Jiangning District said: “The project is an important starting point for stabilizing growth and expanding investment. At present, Jiangning District has 448 projects under negotiation with a total investment of 280 billion yuan, and strives to add 80 new signed projects in the second quarter to ensure that more than 80% of the annual investment promotion tasks are completed in the first half of the year. ”

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