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Italian SeTeL Company Joins Hands with Nanjing Tiger & Tech | Searching for Partners in the Field of Agricultural Sensing

SeTeL Company

Setel, an Italian company, will collaborate with the official online platform of Xiaohu Technology, www.tigerandtech.com, to actively seek and engage with highly professional and potential partners in the fields of agriculture and sensors in China. To promote in-depth cooperation and technological innovation between both parties in this field, and jointly open a new chapter of formal and fruitful cooperation.

【 Company Profile: 】

SeTeL, since its establishment in 1973, has been a leader in the field of logistics engineering. With its deep industry experience and superior technical capabilities, SeTeL excelled in integrated Logistics Support (ILS), providing a full range of services and solutions for many complex systems around the world.

As a leader in ILS, SeTeL successfully operates on more than 120 complex systems in aviation, aerospace, naval, rail, information and communications technology, with its professional services and consulting expertise. Over the past 50 years, SeTeL has accumulated a wealth of experience and skills that have won wide recognition in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that SeTeL has recently developed an innovative technology – the MAR sensor. This technology not only has a breakthrough significance in the field of logistics engineering, but also has attracted wide attention around the world.

【MAR Sensor product introduction: 】

(1) Product features:

SeTeL’s revolutionary MAR sensor is available in both land Rover and amphibious versions for multi-scenario applications. As the first sensor technology, MAR has registered the invention patent and obtained the PCT authorization, demonstrating SeTeL’s strong strength in technological innovation.

(2) Agricultural application advantages:

1. Precision Agriculture Management: MAR enables soil analysis, fertilizer monitoring and vineyard nutrient cycle management to achieve precise distribution of pesticides, fertilizers and water to improve environmental sustainability.

2. Safe operation: In complex terrain such as hilly slopes, MAR ensures the safe operation of agricultural tractors and reduces the risk of overturning.

3. Non-destructive crops: Whether in swamps or shallow water, MAR can move easily and protect crops from damage.

4. Advanced monitoring technology: equipped with infrared, near-infrared and RGB sensors, high-end applications can be optional multi-spectrum, suitable for monitoring and security tasks.

(3) Disaster response capability:

1. Quick response: Move easily in the snow to ensure the timely transportation of food and emergency medicine.

2. Flood control support: In shallow water and muddy terrain, the MAR is easy to move and provides support for telemedicine interventions.

【 Evolution of MAR 】

【Main partners in MAR research and development】

MAR sensors are revolutionizing agriculture and disaster response with their exceptional multi-scenario adaptability and advanced technology, working with SeTeL for a sustainable and efficient future.

SeTeL officially commissioned Nanjing Tiger Technology to find its first investment partner in the Chinese market, aiming to promote the application of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of agriculture and sensors. Nanjing Tiger Technology, with its profound technical and industrial innovation service and overseas resource introduction capabilities, will provide SeTeL with professional and efficient strategic support, accurately matching partners in the Chinese market. The two sides will jointly promote innovative cooperation in agricultural inspection and sensor technology, inject new vitality into industrial progress, and jointly write a new chapter in Sino-Italian technical cooperation.

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