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“International Economic and trade partners into Nanjing – Lishui Trip” activity was held

International Economic

On April 2, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the People’s Government of Lishui District jointly organized a visit to Lishui, Nanjing for international economic and trade partners, arranging for representatives from economic and trade organizations outside the Chinese Mainland with offices in Jiangsu Province and from key export-oriented enterprises to visit Lishui District, and holding a work exchange meeting, which saw the participation of nearly 40 delegates hailing from over 10 countries and regions, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau. Related leaders from the Special Commissioner’s Office of the Ministry of Commerce in Nanjing, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Foreign Affairs Office of Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, and the People’s Government of Lishui District were also in attendance. 

The relevant leaders from the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce briefed on the development of Nanjing’s business and economy and the plans for future work, saying that the current focus is on promoting the high-quality development of an open economy to empower high-level opening-up, and on accelerating the creation of “a two-way open hub with global convergence power”. Delegates are welcome to extensively participate in the visit to Nanjing for international economic and trade partners to fully leverage their role as bridges and organize visits to Nanjing for member enterprises and delegations outside the Chinese Mainland for the purpose of promoting Nanjing and discussing cooperation and joint development.

During the exchange meeting, local officials in Lishui District introduced the local investment environment. Some representatives from the economic and trade organizations and foreign-funded enterprises exchanged views and delivered speeches.

The delegates visited typical agricultural product exporters and distinctive cultural tourism projects in Lishui District. This immersive experience allowed them to fully understand the current development of export-oriented enterprises in Nanjing and appreciate the captivating allure of the city’s natural and urban landscapes.

This year, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce gives a priority to the Visit to Nanjing for International Economic and Trade Partners. Representatives from economic and trade organizations outside the Chinese Mainland, business associations, and foreign-funded enterprises were invited to visit key sectors and industrial parks in Nanjing, accompanied by tailored economic and trade exchange and matchmaking activities aligning with the specific industry characteristics of each sector. The primary goal is to expand Nanjing’s network of economic and trade cooperation, explore mutual investment opportunities, and seek out high-quality collaborative projects. With two successful events already completed, the upcoming plans aim to further enhance two-way interactive communication and establish connections with global economic and trade resources.

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