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In the first quarter, 13.401 billion yuan of investment was completed!

13.401 billion yuan of investment

Government investment project construction

As an important engine for “stabilizing investment”

Provide strong guarantee for economic and social development

Inject impetus into the city’s economic development goals and tasks

In the first quarter, 232 Class A projects in the city’s annual government investment plan completed an investment of 13.401 billion yuan , completing 26% of the annual planned investment .

From the perspective of project category

A total of 66 projects in the comprehensive transportation field

Annual planned investment is 43.94 billion yuan

Accounting for 85.24% of the total annual planned investment

The investment progress reached 26.46%

The Nanyanjiang Intercity Railway is nearing completion

Ninghuai Intercity Railway, North Yangtze River High-speed Railway and other projects

Construction is progressing in an orderly manner

The newly-built Ninghuai Intercity Railway has a total length of 179 kilometers, of which the Jiangsu section is 134 kilometers long. The entire line has six stations: Huai’an East, Hongze, Jinhu, Tianchang, Liuhe West, and Nanjing North. After the project is completed, direct travel between Nanjing and Huai’an will be possible within one hour, and there will be an additional convenient route from Nanjing to northern Jiangsu.

Ecological and environmental protection field

103 items in total

Annual planned investment is 4.012 billion yuan

Accounting for 7.78% of the total annual planned investment

The investment progress reached 24.51%

Jiaozishan and Tianjingwa organic waste treatment sewage stations

and overhaul of on-site facilities,

Baiziting road improvement project and other projects have been basically completed

It is reported that Baiziting Road is the core of transportation in the nearby area, and is also an important urban node in the future Baiziting Scenic Area. Xuanwu District Urban Construction Group uses Baiziting’s “hundred-year” concept as the axis to connect street scenes, optimize the functional layout of the block, and create a creative and dynamic block with artistic healing characteristics, restraint and warmth.

People’s livelihood improvement field

43 projects in total

Annual planned investment is 1.924 billion yuan

Accounting for 3.73% of the total annual planned investment

The investment progress reached 21.72%

Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital Dingjiazhuang Campus Construction Project

More than half of the annual planned investment has been completed

Expected to be completed within the year

Municipal Children’s Hospital Hexi Campus Phase II Project

Foundation pit support project completed

Construction of the first horizontal support and trestle

Progress is progressing in an orderly manner

Among them, the Municipal Maternal and Child Dingjiazhuang Campus is a municipal pilot project supported by the city government’s procurement of green building materials and the first batch of intelligent construction pilot projects. It has a total construction area of ​​295,000 square meters and includes 3 main buildings, an outpatient medical technology building, a ward building and a comprehensive building. The building is designed to have 1,200 beds. After the project is put into use, it will be of great significance in optimizing the layout of our city’s medical resources and enhancing the primacy of medical services.

Social governance field

20 projects in total

Annual planned investment is 1.676 billion yuan

Accounting for 3.25% of the total annual planned investment

The investment progress reached 22.28%

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