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“IN” Nanjing, waiting for a vacant seat


In a few days, the Nanjing 2024 Global Industrial Science and Technology Innovation and Investment Promotion Conference will be opened, which is an important window for Nanjing to show the world the achievements of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, an important platform for promoting international exchanges and cooperation in related fields, and a shining business card for Nanjing to develop new quality productivity according to local conditions.

At this conference, a series of innovation policies, innovation platforms, innovation application scenarios and other content will be released, showing Nanjing’s innovation advantages, allowing all kinds of innovation elements to fully flow, and gathering to enterprises, and smoothing the channel from strong science and technology to strong enterprises and strong economy.

On the constantly updated conference schedule, the list of guests is star-studded – academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, executives of Fortune 500 companies, consuls abroad, experts and scholars from world-renowned universities. Introduce global resources, welcome visitors from all over the world, “IN” Nanjing, and win the future.

From “Pearl River Road” to “Purple Mountain”, Nanjing bravely climbs “new heights”.Keyword 1: Innovation

Nanjing has a first-class scientific and technological innovation ecology

Not long ago, the Institute of Science and Technology Information of the Ministry of Science and Technology released the “National Innovative City Innovation Ability Evaluation Report 2023”, and among the 101 participating cities, Nanjing ranked fourth, second only to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Behind this national certification is Nanjing’s unremitting efforts to actively build an innovation ecosystem and continuously stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation.

Even during the lunch break, Zhujiang Road is still a busy scene, with people holding invoices and business plans coming in and out. “There is Zhongguancun in the north and Zhujiang Road in the south.” In the 90s of the 20th century, Nanjing Zhujiang Road gathered more than 1,500 electronic enterprises, becoming the largest distribution center of electronic computer products in East China, and also becoming the “base” leading the innovation trend of the times. Nowadays, taking advantage of the east wind of the construction of “Silicon Alley”, Zhujiang Road has gradually “changed”, from “Electronic Street” to “Chuangye Street” to “Urban Silicon Alley”, and then to the next outlet.

More than 30 years have passed

The city’s DNA for innovation has not changed

And what makes it up is all over the city

Universities, institutes and enterprises

At the Purple Mountain Laboratory, 30 kilometers away, a number of disruptive technological achievements such as 6G’s wireless cellless massive MIMO technology and endogenous security infrastructure chips have “broken out of the cocoon”, setting up a “network high-speed railway” and “network highway”.

Just as behind the Purple Mountain Laboratory is Southeast University, which has national key laboratories such as mobile communications and millimeter wave, in Nanjing, “from 0 to 1” and then “from 1 to N”, many innovative subjects drive the transformation of achievements with innovation breakthroughs, providing a steady stream of innovation momentum.

The team from Nanjing University of Technology proposed the “solid-state solvent method” to prepare mixed matrix membranes, which achieved a major technological breakthrough in the field of membranes. The ultrasonic motor developed by the team of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has played an important role in the Chang’e lunar exploration project, making China the first country to send an ultrasonic motor to the moon……The abundant scientific and educational resources have achieved Nanjing’s unique advantages in “talent first resource”, and also provided abundant internal strength for the first driving force of innovation.
Science and technology innovation empowers the industry and accelerates the construction of a system for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Last year, as one of the areas with the highest concentration of “Chinese Academy of Sciences” resources in China outside Zhongguancun in Beijing, the “Seven Colleges and Eight Academies” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Qilin Science and Technology Innovation Park released the “Wentian I” brain-like computer, ranking second in the world in terms of synaptic number. It has developed a domestic open-source server operating system adapted to Huawei’s Kunpeng and Cambrian Siyuan processor chips, focusing on the “neck” field of key core technologies; Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, located in Jiangbei New Area, has established 72 professional research institutes and other R&D carriers, more than 7,000 transformation achievements, more than 1,200 derivative incubation enterprises, and more than 20,000 service enterprises……
There are also forests of science and technology enterprises all over Nanjing, climbing “high” to “new”, and flourishing – last year, Nanjing’s high-tech enterprises exceeded 10,000, and more than 22,000 technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises entered the warehouse, and the total number of the two types of enterprises ranked sixth among large and medium-sized cities in the country. In the first half of this year, Nanjing added 13 new national manufacturing individual champions, ranking first in the province, with a total of 34, and entered the top ten large and medium-sized cities in the country.

From “the number one project” to “the front page headlines”, Nanjing stands up as a “hard support”

Keyword 2: Industry

Nanjing has a complete industrial system

In Jiangbei New Area, sharpening “a knife” is a vivid portrayal of Nanjing’s biomedical industry bravely entering the “no man’s land” and exploring “0 to 1” innovation breakthroughs.

In the bright production workshop of Fenglin Nuclear Zhongke Superfine (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd., the staff is debugging the “Kirin Knife” medical linear accelerator equipment. It is said to be a knife, but it is actually a high-end tumor precision radiotherapy equipment, which can accurately irradiate tumor lesions, avoid “accidental killing” of normal cells, and “knife and fall” of cancer cells. This “knife” also broke the ice on the road of innovation, announcing that China’s high-end tumor precision radiotherapy equipment will no longer be monopolized by foreign manufacturers, opening a new era of independent innovation. Competing for the development of new quality productivity, Nanjing is trying to compete high!

On May 20, hundreds of drones staged an air show on the shores of Xuanwu Lake. Patterns such as “Big Blue Whale” and “I Love Nanjing” bloom in the night sky. Behind this “high-tech confession”, each drone needs to receive satellite positioning signals accurate to nanoseconds, which requires strong computing power support, and Nanjing’s strength is “pet fans”.

hed to lay out the construction, and the city’s data centers that have been built and are under construction can carry 180,000 cabinets, accounting for about 40% of the province, and 4 intelligent computing centers that can provide public computing services have been built, with a computing power scale of over 2000P, ranking first in the province. In June this year, after the completion of the China Mobile (Nanjing) Intelligent Computing Center, it will provide 1500P intelligent computing power. In addition, Purple Mountain Lab has also undertaken R&D tasks related to the national integrated computing power network, and after the completion of the dispatching center, the training time of AI large models will be greatly reduced.

In recent years, Nanjing has been in a leading position in China’s robot industry. At the 12th China International Robot Summit Forum, the China Mechatronics Technology Application Association released the list of “Top 10 Comprehensive Strength Rankings of China’s Robot Cities”, and Nanjing ranked fourth in the country after Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou. But Nanjing has a trump card for industrial robots: Eston. It is the best microcosm of Nanjing’s high-tech enterprises to accelerate innovation and develop the robot market.

In 2021, Estun became the first company in China to sell more than 10,000 robots annually. In 2022, the company achieved operating income of 3.881 billion yuan and net profit of 166 million yuan, an increase of 28.48% and 36.28% year-on-year respectively; Ranked 6th in China’s industrial robot market in terms of shipments (the top five are international brands), of which the shipments of six-joint robots ranked 5th, second only to the “four families” of global industrial robots.

A strong industrial city is Nanjing’s “number one project”, and project construction is the city’s “front page headlines”, and Nanjing has always kept them “at the top”.

The “First Meeting of the New Year” focuses on the high-quality development of the private economy, aiming to stimulate the most active forces in cultivating new quality productivity; The “First Meeting of the New Year” focused on new industrialization and a strong industrial city, and proposed to “make new quality productivity the most distinctive symbol of Nanjing’s high-quality development”. The action plan for the computing power industry and the “1+2” document for data elements were introduced…… The aim is to foster new factors of production. The low-altitude economic development conference held not long ago released a series of policies, achievements and application scenarios, and signed 37 industrial projects on the spot, aiming to promote Nanjing’s low-altitude economy to spread its wings and fly high.

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