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In April, the country is beautiful and fragrant in Lishui

beautiful and fragrant

April in the world,

The peonies blooming in Lishui are in various shapes and forms,

Showing people the stunning elegance that is as blazing as fire.

The peonies bloom and we meet you again!

In Lishui, there are two large peony gardens in the east and west.

To the east is the Peony Garden of Lishui Special Education School.

To the west is Lishui Tianshengqiao Peony Garden.

They are all good places to enjoy flowers.

Lishui Special Education School Peony Garden

Lishui Peony Garden is located in the Experimental Base of Special Education School in Lishui District, Nanjing City. The park covers an area of ​​about 200 acres and has nine major color systems and hundreds of varieties, including the extremely precious Yao Huang and Bean Green among the four famous peonies.

During this Peony Fair, the first “Charming National Color” peony art works and the third peony photography collection event will also be held for the public.

Lishui Tianshengqiao Peony Garden

Tianshengqiao Shannan Peony Garden is located in Shannan Village, Tianshengqiao Community, Honglan Street, adjacent to Xiaomaoshan, covering an area of ​​about 500 acres. The project aims to create an ecological sightseeing and leisure comprehensive tourist resort that turns barren hills into orchards and barren land into gardens.

More than 30 special varieties of peonies, including Kao, Wujin Yaohui, and Moyu Juelun, are planted throughout the park. In addition, more than 10 kinds of peony have been introduced, such as Dafugui, Gaoshanhong, and Hongyanfeishuang. The flowering period is about half a month later than the peony. The flowering period of the entire peony and peony garden will last until May.

The spring rain comes in April during the Qingming Festival, and the warm drizzle is pattering. Many varieties of peonies in the park have entered their peak flowering period. More peonies are in bud, their branches and leaves are stretched, and they look more and more delicate under the clear raindrops.

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