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Huatian Nanjing invests an additional 10 billion

On March 28, Tianshui Huatian Electronics Group signed a contract to settle in the second phase of Huatian Nanjing Integrated Circuit Advanced Packaging and Testing Industrial Base in Pukou. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Han Liming held talks with Huatian Group Chairman Xiao Shengli and his delegation and witnessed the signing of a 10-billion-yuan cooperation project.

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She said that Nanjing is conscientiously studying and implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on Jiangsu work, taking the integrated circuit industry as one of the main directions of the “4266” modern industrial system, and accelerating the development of new productive forces according to local conditions. Huatian Group has a leading technology and outstanding position in the field of advanced integrated circuit packaging and testing. Its achievements in Nanjing for more than five years are admirable. There is broad space for cooperation between the two parties and a bright future.

It is hoped that Huatian Group will rely on Nanjing’s good innovation resources, industrial foundation and talent support to continue to expand its business layout and project introduction in Nanjing, promote technological upgrading and production capacity improvement of advanced packaging and testing projects, and drive the development of more upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain. Help Nanjing build a first-class industrial ecology.

Nanjing will create an excellent business environment for project advancement and enterprise development in Nanjing, provide high-quality supporting services, and continuously enhance the agglomeration and competitiveness of the integrated circuit industry.

Xiao Shengli said that since Huatian Investment settled in Nanjing, thanks to the all-weather and all-round services at the municipal and district levels, it has created the “Huatian Speed” of only 17 months from the start of construction to completion and commissioning. We deeply feel that here It is a blessed land for investment and a hot spot for development. Huatian Nanjing Phase II project is another important strategic layout of the group. The implementation of the project will further enhance Huatian’s market position and influence. We will accelerate project construction and ensure early production and effective results. At the same time, we will continue to deepen our efforts in Nanjing, continuously improve our innovation capabilities and technical levels, further increase resource investment, and strive to build the largest domestic packaging and testing industry base in Nanjing.

Integrated circuits are one of the key directions in building a strong industrial city in our city. In recent years, our city has introduced a number of leading companies such as Huatian Group, and the effect of industrial agglomeration has continued to become more prominent. At present, Pukou District has gathered 65 enterprises on the integrated circuit industry chain, and last year key enterprises achieved revenue of 22.96 billion yuan.

Huatian Nanjing Integrated Circuit Advanced Packaging and Testing Industrial Base Project (Phase I) was officially put into production in July 2020, and achieved an output value of 2.9 billion yuan last year. Based on the good cooperation foundation in the early stage, Huatian Group invested another 10 billion yuan to start the second phase of the project, build a new 200,000 square meter factory building and supporting facilities, and introduce new high-end production equipment. It is expected to complete all construction in 2028, and the products will be widely used in In fields such as storage, radio frequency, computing power, and autonomous driving, the company is expected to achieve an annual output value of 6 billion yuan after reaching production.

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