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How to arrange the Dragon Boat Festival?

Dragon Boat Festival

It’s another year of dumplings,

The countdown to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is 2 days,

Have you figured out how to spend your Dragon Boat Festival?

Jingqiao’s Dragon Boat Festival activities,

Maybe it can give you some inspiration for your vacation planning~

Let’s take a look!Fun activities


“Pastoral Life” rice planting competition

Put on your straw hat, roll up your sleeves, roll up your trousers, and go out into the field…… Participate in an interesting rice planting competition, experience the joy of pastoral work among seedlings and seedlings, and feel the charm of traditional Chinese farming culture.

In addition to the rice planting competition, the children can also become little farmers and start a happy journey of rice planting and farming!


“Colorful Life” cooking competition

Do you remember the big pot dish when you were a child? You can eat it directly at the scene! You can also participate in the competition by cooking by yourself, and the park will provide shared stoves and self-produced selenium-rich vegetables, pork, eggs, side dishes, seasonings, kitchenware, etc., so that you can experience the fun of parent-child self-cooking.


Small net fishing competition

Within 30 minutes, the participating children use the prescribed tools (1 small net, 1 fish basket) to catch fish in the fish pond, and the first, second and third prizes will be awarded according to the weight of the fish. Medals were awarded to the award-winning children on the spot.


Beer Drinking Contest and Watermelon Eating Contest

It’s time for a feast of beer and watermelon in the summer heat! Participate in the form of a family (1 adult + 1 child as 1 group), the adult quickly drinks 500 ml of beer (straw drinking), the child eats the watermelon in front of him, and the fastest completed group wins, and the first, second and third prizes are expelled.

With beer and, of course, barbecue to spice things up! A variety of delicious ingredients will definitely bring you a feast on the tip of your tongue, which is really full of expectations! (Tips: Don’t drive after drinking~).


Traditional ground tofu

Let the children become little experts in labor, experience the whole process of grinding soy milk in the ancient way, understand the production skills of soybean milk, taste delicious soy milk, and harvest the fruits of their own labor~


Lobster fishing for fun

Eat “five reds” during the Dragon Boat Festival, lobster is indispensable! Come to Lijing Bridge to fish for lobsters, bring a big and plump lobster home, experience a wild fun in the countryside, and have a good time~


During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, walk through the ecological beauty of the leisurely crystal bridge, measure the beautiful scenery along the way with wheels, and feel the wind and freedom with speed.

Wuxiang Mountain South Suburb Book House→ Flower Trail Wuxiang Mountain Residence→ Longyin Bay Ecological Park→ at the foot of the stone mountain→ on the bamboo and clouds, the whole journey is about 15.6 kilometers of cycling routes, accompanied by mountains and rivers along the way, embraced by beautiful scenery.

Starting from the suburban bookstore, riding on the forest trail of Wuxiang Mountain, breathing in the fresh air, the road is full of greenery, fragrant grass, birds and flowers. All of them arouse people’s yearning for nature.

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