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Hexi luxury residential area! Super CBD Jumbo, all capped!


Just released! In the luxury residential area of Hexi, all the commercial buildings of the Nanjing Hexi Financial Center project near Yuantong CBD have been capped, and the prototype of the commercial block has begun to appear.

This super giant, which is close to the first and second phases of the financial city and has a total construction area of 404,000 square meters, is currently hot!Hexi Financial Center is different from other projects, bringing together a variety of business formats such as financial headquarters, super offices, modern commerce, and reserve hotels, which can be said to be not a single and boring building.

The project has a commercial construction area of about 34,000 square meters, a hotel construction area of about 13,000 square meters and nearly 5,000 car parking spaces, with complete supporting facilities. There are almost no barriers to parking. The central green axis of the project runs through the block and will be seamlessly connected with Metro Line 10 and Line 7.

2024 is almost the year of the explosion of skyscrapers and business clusters in Hexi.In January 2024, the 416.6-meter main structure of the East District of the Second Phase of the Financial City, the tallest building in Hexi, will be fully capped, refreshing the “new height” in Hexi (the tallest building in Hexi for the time being, and the future Yuzui super high-rise plan in Hexi is 498.8 meters).At 416.6 meters, it connects almost the most magnificent block diagram of Nanjing.

Vertically, from Yuantong IFC and Hexi Deji to the first phase and second phase of the Financial City, horizontally, together with the three Xizi Towers of the third phase of the National Exhibition, the Youth Olympic Twin Towers, the Nanjing Eye and the Yangtze River, together constitute the most visually impactful and harmonious picture. The tallest building visible to the naked eye in the luxury residential area! In the future, it will also refresh the entire skyline. Such a huge skyscraper, almost no one dares to ignore it. At the same time, the Kimpton Nanjing Hotel will occupy floors 61-81 and may become the world’s tallest Kimpton hotel.

In addition, Hexi’s industry has been consolidating this year. Xiaomi opened the park, unveiling the prelude to the agglomeration of digital economy headquarters. The location of the East China headquarters of Xiaomi Group has now become a “trendy landmark” in Nanjing. At present, the number of employees has expanded to about 2,700, and it is expected to reach 5,000 in the next three years and 10,000 in the next five years.

Commercially, according to news: Hexi Orange Vientiane City strives to open on April 1 next year and officially open on May 1, and will introduce more than 200 brand merchants. Once opened, Hexi Qincheng Vientiane City will become the largest commercial entity (about 130,000 square meters) in southwest Hexi.

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