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Here, there is a “Nanda Department” heavenly group!

Nanda Department

In mid-March, good news came from Europe – Nanjing Jiangbei New District pharmaceutical company Jie’ankang’s global multi-center registration phase 3 clinical trial of its core product “tinengotinib” was approved by the European Medicines Agency and was awarded the treatment for biliary tract cancer. Orphan drug designation.

As a company focusing on the research and development of innovative small molecule drugs, Yaojie Ankang landed in the Biomedical Valley of Jiangbei New District in 2016. Its founder Wu Yongqian is a 1981 alumnus of the Department of Chemistry of Nanjing University. After working in overseas pharmaceutical companies for many years, he brought with him rich industry experience Returning to China to start a business based on experience.

several years passed

Wu Yongqian met many people in the new district

NTU alumni with skills and dreams

They set up businesses and carry out research here

Shine in their respective fields


A “Nanda system” heavenly group has already emerged

A group of non-stop innovators

At the beginning of this year, the handheld kidney disease management instrument (handheld electrochemical analyzer) independently developed by Jingjie Technology, a company in the new district, obtained a product registration certificate, and its supporting creatinine test strips also entered the innovation channel.

A small instrument that integrates multiple detection and calculation items such as creatinine, blood sugar, uric acid, hemoglobin, glomerular filtration rate, etc., and works with apps or mini-programs to help patients with chronic kidney disease, diabetes, gout, etc. at home Monitor your physical condition and stay away from “silent health killers”.

In addition to home health management products, Jingjie Technology has also launched a blood gas and biochemical analyzer for critical and critical care products that can be used in hospitals. With a single blood draw, 34 indicators can be obtained in about 3 minutes, buying more time for patients.

University in 1996, Qin Yu has studied, taught and practiced at home and abroad. Her rich experience also allowed her to see the problem that the blood gas analyzer, a detection product in the field of critical illness, is monopolized by a few international giants due to the difficulty of development.

“Others can do it, why can’t we do it?” With the mission of serving the country through science and technology, Qin Yu returned to China to start a business and transform the results of many years of scientific research into practical applications. In just a few years, Jingjie Technology has more than 40 products on the market, and has introduced a series of “domestic firsts” and “industry firsts” from the new district to the world.

Keep moving towards technological innovation

Overcoming obstacles all the way

There are also many innovators from NTU

Writing new stories in the new district

Jicui Yaokang

Gao Xiang, a 1981 alumnus of the Department of Biology of Nanjing University, established Jicui Yaokang in 2017. As one of the first new R&D institutions in Nanjing, the company has accumulated more than 20,000 commercialized mouse models with independent intellectual property rights. In April 2022, it was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Mingjie Pharmaceutical

Gu Kai, the founder of Mingjie Pharmaceuticals, is a 1993 alumnus of the Department of Chemistry of Nanjing University. The company has now entered the Nanjing Listed Company Incubation Library; the “leader” of Yaoshi Technology is also a 1990 alumnus of the same department. Today, this listed company has cooperated with almost all global companies. The top twenty pharmaceutical companies have reached cooperation.

Pu Guang Biology

Cao Dan, a 2008 alumnus of the School of Life Sciences of Nanjing University, founded Puguang Biotechnology, which is frequently “out of the circle” in the field of chemiluminescence…

From high-end medical devices

to innovative drugs and then to comprehensive R&D services

Groups of NTU alumni have settled in Medicine Valley

Drive the emergence of one “star enterprise” after another and develop a new platform for school-local cooperation.

At the foot of Dragon King Mountain

Not only did a number of “NTU-type” companies emerge,

There are also a number of platforms and research institutes for school-local cooperation.

Land here

A long time ago, Jiangbei New Area and Nanjing University have “joined hands” to closely connect scientific research resources with market demand.

In 2019, Nanchuang Institute of Chemistry and Life Health was established and operated in the Biomedical Valley of the New District. This new R&D institution relies on the State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry of Nanjing University and is led by Academician Guo Zijian of Nanjing University. It focuses on promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

“We have now connected more than 10 universities and colleges, more than 20 listed companies, and more than 30 investment funds, and have incubated 23 technology-based companies such as Noling Biotech and Crox Biotech.”

outside the platform

There are also many employment internship bases

Built in a park or enterprise

When scientific and technological innovation is “seamlessly connected” in this hot land, batches of NTU alumni are also rushing to bring more efficient achievement transformation, closer cooperation, and more innovative projects. Taking these projects as the starting point, the industrial chain and ecological chain are gradually connected, and the “alumni circle” also drives one industrial cluster after another. Currently, the “alumni economy” is becoming one of the driving forces for regional innovation and development. Not only the “Nan University Department”, Jiangbei New District will also work with local universities such as Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Nanjing University of Technology to cultivate the soil of the “alumni economy”. In the future, perhaps more academic figures will come out of campus and gather here to continue the fire of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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