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Have you experienced Lishui’s “dynamic bus”?

Online car-hailing that can be seen everywhere nowadays is nothing new, but Lishui Public Transport’s version of online car-hailing

Have you experienced it?

 Recently, Ms. Li, who lives in Hebin Garden, Lishui District, has changed her means of transportation to and from get off work. Open the mini program, select the boarding point, enter the destination… Within 5 minutes of placing the order on her mobile phone, the bus came to her and took her to her work place. “I work at the Citizen’s Home. It used to take nearly 20 minutes to ride a bicycle, and the cost of taking a taxi on rainy days was also very high. This kind of bus is always available, and the distance of nearly 5 kilometers can be reached in 10 minutes.”

The bus Ms. Li took was the “Dynamic Bus” that was just launched in Lishui. Currently, with the emergence of new travel modes such as shared bicycles and online ride-hailing, in order to better meet the personalized travel needs of citizens, Lishui Public Transport has taken the lead in piloting the new “dynamic bus” model in the city . The first batch of dynamic buses It was put into operation on March 18.

 Different from traditional buses, Dynamic Bus breaks the “fixed stations, fixed routes and fixed classes” operation model and implements the “Internet + Bus” online reservation operation model. Passengers can call a taxi online on the “Lishui Smart Bus Travel” official account for 3 yuan. You can take a bus version of online car-hailing. The system will automatically carpool for passengers in the same direction and with similar departure times, and the driver will deliver the passengers to their destinations in sequence based on the optimal route planned by the system.

  ”It’s the first time I took this kind of online bus booking. It’s so convenient and the experience is also very interesting!” Zhang Qi, a college student, and his classmates came to Lishui from the city for the weekend. As soon as they got off the subway, they booked a dynamic bus to go to the shopping mall for dinner. ” There are 5 of us traveling together. Ordinary online car-hailing can only seat 4 people at most, but Dynamic Bus will not have this trouble.

The dynamic bus has a maximum capacity of 18 people. Compared with ordinary online car-hailing services, it can better meet the needs of young people traveling in pairs. Dynamic Bus driver Sun Fubao said that passengers in pairs with more than 7 people can also choose the private bus mode, and the fare is 20 yuan. “Our first batch of vehicles put into operation are all small buses of about 6 meters, which can adapt to narrow and complex roads, and have the advantages of compactness, flexibility, low carbon and energy saving.” said Fang Lin, deputy general manager of Lishui Urban Construction Group Bus Transport Company. At present, , Lishui has invested a total of 3 dynamic buses, which operate non-stop from 7 am to 9 pm. The service area is ” to the south of Tianshengqiao Avenue, to the west of Qifeng Road, to the north of Yongshou Road, and to the east of Qinhuai Avenue “, a total of 114 The virtual site covers an area of ​​about 10 square kilometers . Fast response, affordable price, good experience… Since its trial operation, the dynamic bus has received full praise from citizens and is very “out of the circle”. At present, the number of daily orders has increased from more than 20 orders at the beginning to nearly 100 orders per day. So far, the total order volume has exceeded 900 orders, serving nearly a thousand people.

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