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Hand in hand with Tsinghua alumni to promote green development

hand with Tsinghua

Recently, the 2024 New Energy and Energy Storage – Tsinghua University Jiangsu Alumni Development Conference was successfully held in Nanjing Drum Tower.

The conference was guided by the Talent Office of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, the People’s Government of Gulou District of Nanjing, and the Alumni Association of Tsinghua University in Jiangsu Province, hosted by the Wisdom and Green Energy Special Committee of the Jiangsu Tsinghua Alumni Association, and supported by the Talent Office of the Gulou District Committee of Nanjing and the Management Committee of Nanjing Gulou High-tech Zone. Representatives of outstanding alumni from Tsinghua University shared and discussed the theme of new energy and energy storage. The conference was presided over by Huang Xingming, vice president of the alumni association of Tsinghua University in Jiangsu Province, and more than 100 people attended the meeting.

Wang Yuan, director of the Management Committee of Gulou High-tech Zone, attended the conference and delivered a speech, introducing the situation and industrial direction of Gulou District, promoting the development advantages of Gulou’s dual-carbon industry, and warmly inviting Tsinghua alumni to invest in Gulou, so as to jointly forge ahead on the road of green, low-carbon and high-quality development, and share the achievements of green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

The Investment Promotion and Talent Work Department of the Management Committee of Gulou High-tech Zone introduced the investment advantages and talent policies of Gulou High-tech Zone, Gulou High-tech Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Alumni Association of Tsinghua University in Jiangsu Province, and the Organization Department of Gulou District Committee and the Alumni Association of Tsinghua University in Jiangsu Province jointly held the unveiling ceremony of “Yanhui Talent Co-education Base”.

The guests made keynote reports and discussions on topics such as “China’s New Energy Market Investment and Its Industrial Chain Trend”, “Pack To Grid Energy Storage Solution Helps the Development of New Energy Storage”, “Jiangsu Green New Quality Productivity Development Space and Path”, “New Energy Storage Technology and Its Application” and other topics.

In 2021, Nanjing launched the construction of a low-carbon city, took the lead in implementing the action of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and built a smart energy industry system and a market-oriented green technology innovation system. The following year, the Nanjing Municipal Government signed an agreement with Nanjing University to jointly build a “dual carbon” innovation and development cluster with Gulou District as the core. Taking this as an opportunity, the Nanjing University Carbon Neutrality Research Institute jointly built by Gulou District and Nanjing University, and the Nanzhi Research Institute jointly built by Gulou High-tech Zone and Nanjing University School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Professors and Talents have been established one after another, and strengthened cooperation with Delong Huineng, Dingjing Fusion, China Coal Energy and other enterprises to complement each other’s advantages to develop “double carbon” industries such as new energy, new materials, and low-carbon technology research and development, and have successively landed 80 “double carbon” industrial projects, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, forming a high-end think tank, green technology, A green, low-carbon and circular development model integrating the transformation of achievements.

This conference, through joint exploration and promotion of the application and market development of new energy storage technologies, promoted the exchanges and cooperation between Tsinghua University and its alumni and Nanjing City and Gulou District in the field of green energy and energy storage, and helped Gulou to further promote green and low-carbon transformation, achieve the “double carbon” goal, accelerate the cultivation and development of new quality productivity, and improve high-quality development.

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