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Genuine”! Lishui enterprises on the list

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Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office announced

“Genuine and Genuine Products” in Jiangsu Province in 2023

List of committed companies

Located in Jingqiao Town, Lishui District

  Jiangsu Ruike Daqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected

“Genuine products” commitment companies were established by Jiangsu Province to advocate corporate integrity management and protect intellectual property rights. Selected companies must strictly abide by relevant regulations in terms of intellectual property management, commodity procurement, sales channels, etc., to ensure that the products they operate are all genuine “Genuine and genuine”.

Selected companies must abide by four commitments:

1. Do not produce or sell products (commercial products) that counterfeit patents or infringe others’ patent rights;

2. Do not produce or sell products (commercial) products that infringe the exclusive rights of registered trademarks or violate relevant provisions of the trademark law;

3. Do not produce, sell, or disseminate products (commercial) products or works that infringe copyright;

4. Do not use unfair competition methods to participate in market competition.

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Jiangsu Ruike Daqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was invested and founded by Jiangsu Anyida Medical Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province . Its manufacturing base is located in Fengxiangling Industrial Park, Jingqiao Town. The company combines strong university scientific research forces, with AI and robotics industries as the core , and automated intelligent assembly, medical equipment, and biomedicine as assistance, to create a new pattern of industry-university-research-innovation integration, forming a collection of R&D, incubation, intelligent manufacturing, and industrialization. A new industrial ecosystem integrating production.

AI empowers smart medical development

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At present, the company has obtained nearly 200 intellectual property and technical achievements such as invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents, software copyrights, and software products. It is the first domestic company to systematically develop and apply “smart hospital construction” from software to hardware. “Intelligent operation overall solution” solution provider , and also the first in China to establish an “intelligent hospital intelligent operation information management platform”.

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The platform includes six major system management platforms, including smart sewage, smart medicine consumption, smart parking, smart operation, smart wards, and smart energy saving. Based on the needs of the platform’s personalized scenarios, it has completed the research and development of more than 20 robots and series of smart application equipment. , including 13 robots such as intelligent medical guidance robot series, logistics robot series, disinfection robot series, cleaning robots, and automatic patrol robots, 9 of which have entered large-scale production .

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The company currently has more than 100 employees, of which technical and R&D personnel account for more than 70% . It has also carried out scientific research cooperation with Lishui District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Changzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, etc.

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In recent years, the Lishui District Market Supervision Bureau has continued to make efforts to create a market environment for honest operation. By strengthening the policy publicity and training of “genuine products”, it has enhanced enterprises’ emphasis on and protection of intellectual property rights, and provided consumers with more Safe, reliable, high-quality goods and services. As of now, the district has one enterprise with the “genuine and genuine goods” commitment in Jiangsu Province and two “genuine and genuine” demonstration blocks in Nanjing (Tianli Plaza and Hefeng Grain Market).

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