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Fully capped and put into use within the year!

Earlier this month

Major projects in the province have been fully cappedIt will be put into operation within the year

Jiangsu Huatian wafer-level advanced packaging and testing production line project is located in Pukou Economic Development Zone. Now, a huge factory building has taken shape, and inside and outside the building, workers are busy – climbing trucks, truck cranes, lift trucks, and hanging baskets are fully online to speed up the construction progress. With a total investment of 9.95 billion yuan, the project will be constructed in three phases, and the first phase is currently capped. After completion, it will become a 100-level clean workshop production line to meet the business needs of wafer-level packaging, wafer-level bump packaging, high-density fan-out packaging, and high-pixel image sensor packaging.

“Chip packaging and testing have very high requirements for space cleanliness.” According to the project leader of the Jiangsu Branch of the construction unit, China Construction Second Bureau, the sterilization and disinfection of ICUs in general hospitals refer to the 100,000-level standard, while the Nanjing integrated circuit wafer-level advanced packaging and testing production line project has reached the 100-level level. The lower the number, the lower the number of particles in the air and the higher the level of purification, which also means that the standard of clean areas of the plant is higher than the ICU standard. In order to achieve this goal, the project innovatively adopts high-precision Chi slab construction technology, and the Chi slab structure is composed of Chi barrels and reinforced concrete.

More than 26,000 holes with a diameter of 39 cm are densely covered on the three-story slab of more than 10,000 square meters, ensuring that air circulates and circulates in the holes, and is purified in time. The main body of the project is a steel structure frame, with a maximum span of 40 meters. The construction unit used a 350-ton crawler crane to lift the span, which provoked the “strongest back” of the industrial plant.

Huatian Technology is one of the top 10 packaging and testing companies in the world, and since it settled in Nanjing in 2018, the company has continued to increase its capital. The wafer-level advanced packaging and testing production line started in October last year and only lasted more than 7 months from the full capping this month. It is reported that the project is planned to be completed and put into operation in June, and after the completion of the overall project, it will have the capacity of 700,000 wafer-level packages, and the annual sales revenue is expected to be 7 billion yuan, which has become a microcosm of Nanjing’s promotion of the “new quality” project.


Pukou Economic Development Zone

Continue to promote the construction of major projects to increase the growth rate

These two major projects are also “in full swing”


Huatian Nanjing integrated circuit advanced packaging and testing

The first phase of the industrial base project

The project was settled in Pukou Economic Development Zone in September 2018, with a total investment of 8 billion yuan, covering an area of 300 acres, officially put into operation in July 2020, and achieving an output value of 222 million yuan in 2020, 1.156 billion yuan in 2021, 1.723 billion yuan in 2022, and 2.5 billion yuan in 2023. The product process includes BGA, LGA, DFN, QFN, FC, MEMS, Memory and other packaging, among which BGA packaging technology products have a domestic market share of 25%.

Up to now, it has completed an investment of more than 6 billion yuan, completed the construction of 300 acres, built a 206,000-square-meter workshop, introduced about 4,000 sets of process equipment, and measured nearly 5 billion FC series products and BGA substrate series MEMS series products.


Huatian Nanjing integrated circuit advanced packaging and testing

The second phase of the industrial base project

The total investment of the project is 10 billion yuan, the project land is about 188 acres, and it is planned to build 200,000 square meters of factory buildings and supporting facilities, and introduce new high-end production equipment. The products of the project are positioned in the high-end packaging of resin substrates, and the packaging form is mainly Chiplet/FCBGA/SiP, and the products will be mainly used in storage, radio frequency, computing power (AI), autonomous driving, etc.

The project was officially signed on March 28, 2024.

was completed in 17 months

Huatian Nanjing, which was put into production

to the start of equipment commissioning,

Huatian Jiangsu is expected to be mass-produced within the year

Pukou Economic Development Zone

Accumulating “strong momentum” for high-quality development

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