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Follow the watercolor painting to open the amazement that Yang Tingbao left to Nanjing

in Nanjing

There is a saying that circulates this:

Yang Tingbao shaped half of the city of Nanjing

According to the School of Architecture, Southeast University

Architectural historian Wang Xiaoqian introduced

Yang Tingbao’s lifelong works

More than half of them were built in Nanjing, with 68 projects

Including the familiar Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Orchestra Stage, the former Central Stadium, the headquarters of the Purple Mountain Observatory, the former Central University, the Dahua Grand Theater, the Xiaguan Railway Station, etc., these are all valuable legacies he left to Nanjing.


Let’s follow the watercolor

Open the architectural legacy left by Yang Tingbao to Nanjing

Former Central Hospital (No. 305, Zhongshan East Road, now the General Hospital of the Eastern Theater of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army)

Dahua Theatre (No. 67 Zhongshan South Road)

The former gate of Central University (now Southeast University, No. 2, Sipai Building)

He is a well-known architect, architectural educator, and watercolorist. In the view of Qian Feng, dean of the First Academy of Architectural Design and Research of Southeast University, Yang Tingbao’s watercolor paintings are bright and self-contained, which is the embodiment of his academic accomplishment and aspiration spirit.

Former Meng Fang Library of Central University (on the campus of Southeast University, No. 2, Sipai Building)

Southeast University Auditorium

As a junior scholar from the southeast, Qian Feng tried to reflect Yang Tingbao’s work with a group of 20 watercolor paintings, which not only expressed his respect for Yang Lao, but also inherited the architect’s watercolor painting skills.

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Bandstand

The Second Historical Archives of China (309 East Zhongshan Road)

Former Institute of History and Linguistics, National Academia Sinica (39 East Beijing Road)

In the stitching of the painting with the original drawing of the building

We were able to revisit the familiar works

After the precipitation of time

They are always pampered and dignified

And timeless

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