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First Time in Lishui, 3A !!

Recently, 2023 Jiangsu Province quality credit The list of AAA and AA enterprises was announced,
Lishui District three enterprises on the list

What is enterprise quality credit?

Enterprise quality credit refers to the ability and degree of an enterprise to comply with quality laws and regulations, implement standards and fulfill quality commitments in production and business activities. Since 2011, the quality credit evaluation of industrial enterprises in Jiangsu Province has been assessed once A year, and the grades are divided into four levels: A, B, C and D, of which grade A with good credit is subdivided into three levels: A, AA and AAA, and the application of AA and AAA needs to be reviewed on site. It mainly evaluates from the aspects of quality management system, quality assurance ability, quality basic condition, quality competitive advantage and excellent performance implementation.

A.O. Smith (China) Environmental Electric Co., LTD

A.O. Smith, founded in 1874, is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. In 2009, A.O. Smith Group invested and established a water treatment products company in Lishui Development Zone, which officially entered the rapidly growing field of household water purifiers. In 2016, the company entered the field of commercial water purification, and the sales model that can be rented and sold has been widely recognized by the market.

In May 2018, the total investment of A.O. Smith was 940 million yuan, and the first phase investment exceeded 500 million yuan. The global super production and research base of environmental electrical appliances, which took 3 years to build, was officially opened in the development zone. The company was renamed as Iosmith (China) Environmental Electrical Appliances Co., LTD., with high automation, high intelligence and high standardization of production equipment. With advanced production technology and perfect quality management system, we provide professional water purification, air purification, soft water and other high-quality products and services for China and even the global market. The company has won the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology green design products, Jiangsu Province two integration management system implementation pilot enterprise, Jiangsu Province Engineering Technology Research Center, Nanjing Mayor Quality Award, Nanjing Manufacturing 100 enterprises and other honorary titles.

Baowu Magnesium Technology Co., LTD

Baowu Magnesium Industry, formerly known as Yunhai Metal Group, was founded in 1993 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007, becoming the first listed enterprise in Lishui. After more than 30 years of development, the company has become a high-tech enterprise integrating mining, nonferrous metal smelting and processing, and its products are widely used in aerospace, transportation, new energy vehicles, green buildings, consumer electronics and new infrastructure and other fields.

As a global leader in the field of light metal materials, the company has complete product development and manufacturing capabilities. The market share of magnesium and magnesium alloy products is leading in the world, forming a complete magnesium industry chain of “dolomite mining – original magnesium smelting – magnesium alloy smelting – magnesium alloy processing – magnesium alloy recycling”.

Jiangsu Kaiquan Pump manufacturing Co., LTD

Jiangsu Kaiquan was founded in 2007, is a scientific research, production, sales in one of the pump, motor professional, water treatment and intelligent interceptor well manufacturers. The main products are single-stage centrifugal pump series, fire pump series, oil pump series, sewage treatment equipment, etc. The main performance indicators have fully reached the international advanced level.

For more than 10 years, the company has always adhered to the concept of “innovation, quality, efficiency, dedication, service, gratitude” and the purpose of “the pursuit of excellence, honest service”, strictly control product quality, carefully manufacture high-quality, high-performance products, with excellent quality, reputation and service, steadily based on the domestic and international markets.

In recent years, Lishui District Market Supervision Bureau has thoroughly implemented the strategy of strong quality area, adhered to quality credit as an important content of quality brand construction, carried out quality credit review in various works such as government quality award and “Jiangsu quality”, strengthened the application of quality credit evaluation results, and carried out in-depth “thousand enterprise visits” to give full play to the one-stop service role of “quality station”. Around the quality of integrity awareness, quality management system, quality assurance ability and other aspects, to help guide enterprises to improve the level of quality credit. Up to now, the region has 6 provincial quality credit AA level enterprises, AAA level enterprises 1.

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