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First flight successful!

flight successful

Maximum take-off weight 2.2 tons

Can carry 5 people or 500kg

Maximum range 240 kilometers

Maximum speed 240 km/h

Recently, the ET9 prototype of the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) independently developed by Yivit (Nanjing) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed its first flight. It can be widely used in scenarios such as high-frequency freight transportation, specialty tourism, emergency rescue, and urban air travel.

The founding team of Yivit comes from aviation institutes such as COMAC and AVIC, and has rich experience in the research and development of manned aircraft. Yivit adheres to the design concept of safety first and people-oriented, adopts forward design method, and integrates airworthiness requirements throughout the design, manufacturing, testing and flight testing processes.

ET9 adopts a four-axis eight-blade composite wing configuration, which is simple and compact, with excellent aerodynamic performance. It has been verified through wind tunnel tests, providing data support for subsequent airworthiness compliance verification.

The successful first flight of the ET9 prototype shows that the research and development of this model has made breakthrough progress. It not only verified the design plan and realized the functions of the entire system, but also took an important step from R&D products to commercial products. Next, the ET9 prototype will carry out continuous test flights, connect with the airworthiness authorities, and enter the airworthiness verification process.

Competing for the “new track”

What are the advantages of developing low-altitude economy in Nanjing?

How will it accelerate its take-off? Give full play to “new advantages”
and seize the “window” to lay out new tracks

The low-altitude economy is a comprehensive economic form that is mainly based on civil manned and unmanned aircraft, driven by low-altitude flight activities such as manned, cargo and other operations, and radiates the integrated development of related fields. It mainly includes low-altitude manufacturing industries, low-altitude Flight industry, low-altitude support industry and comprehensive service industry.

The market prospects for air travel in the future are broad, companies are “entering the market” one after another, and the government is accelerating its layout. The construction of the Nanjing Civil Unmanned Aviation Test Zone takes Pukou District as the core area. In 2020, it was rated as one of the first batch of civil unmanned aviation test zones in the country and the only civil unmanned aviation test zone in the province.

At present, the test area has gathered nearly 30 companies in the well-known field of drones , including Changkong Technology, AVIC Jincheng Unmanned Systems, China Southern Smart Aviation Research Institute, Big Wing Aviation, and Model Sky, covering R&D and design, complete aircraft production, and operation services. , industry applications and many other fields.
Play the “key chess” well

Take multiple measures to build new growth points

According to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, in recent years, the city has actively promoted the development of low-altitude industries around the goal of strengthening the city through industry. In 2023, the revenue of low-altitude economic related industries will be nearly 3 billion yuan.

In terms of low-altitude scene applications

A number of high-quality application scenarios have been formed, such as the Nanjing Maritime Department’s regular law enforcement patrols along the Yangtze River, Nanjing Yangtze River Hui Company’s offshore cargo distribution by passing ships, Nanjing firefighting drone disaster reconnaissance and personnel search and rescue, Laoshan General Airport sightseeing and emergency rescue.

Relevant staff used drones to conduct aerial river patrol operations along the Xuhe River in Gaochun District.

In terms of innovation resource reserves

It has many aviation-related universities and high-level scientific research institutes such as China Southern Airlines, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and China Electronics 14 and 28, and has established a number of national key laboratories, key laboratories of national defense science and technology, and scientific research institutions in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Create a platform.

In terms of construction of experimental areas

It has built a “one center, two platforms, four airspaces and multiple venues” operation and management system, built the country’s first 5G network, and is the only civilian drone test flight base in the province certified and licensed by civil aviation. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has organized a national test zone for two consecutive years. During the assessment and acceptance of the construction results, the Nanjing Experimental Zone was highly praised and praised unanimously.

The “Nanjing Action Plan to Promote Industrial Strengthening the City (2023-2025)” proposes to “accelerate the construction of low-altitude intelligent networking and drone bases, build a national aviation electromechanical system model area, and continuously expand the scale of low-altitude economic industries.” This year’s Nanjing The municipal government work report also proposed that we should seize the opportunity for low-level economic development.

Nanjing Zhengtong plans to make good use of all forces

Fully unleash your potential

Starting from “new”

Accelerate the cultivation of industrial ecology

Jointly promote the high-quality “take-off” of low-altitude economy

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