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Everything is “red” here in Lishui

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Now I am enjoying the spring outing in Lishui and enjoying the plum blossoms.

In addition to Fujiabian Meihua Mountain

There is also a place to enjoy plum blossoms

That is Qinhuai Plum Garden in Hefeng Town

The plum blossoms here

Red plums that are basically “red in one color”

Continuous sea of ​​red flowers

Welcoming your arrival with a smile

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The Qinhuai Plum Garden is one of the “Jinling Forty-Eight Scenic Spots” of leisure tourism agriculture in Nanjing. The total area of ​​the plum garden is more than 2,600 acres, and it is characterized by large areas of red plums. Among them, the ancient plum garden covers more than 500 acres. If you want to appreciate the ancient plum blossoms, This is not to be missed!

Now is the peak flowering period, and the plum blossoms all over the mountains and plains are colorful and extremely enchanting, just like the morning glow falling from the sky, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.

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If you get closer and take a closer look, you will see clusters of deep and shallow reds on the branches of ornamental plum blossoms of palace powder, cinnabar, weeping branches, beauty and other varieties, which are brilliant, charming and gorgeous, exuding bursts of fragrance, refreshing the heart and mind.

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At this time of year, the plum blossoms blooming in Qinhuai Plum Garden always attract many tourists and photography enthusiasts. The wooden boardwalk and observation deck here provide convenience for tourists to enjoy the scenery and take photos.

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The most beautiful spring of the year is the time to go out in spring and look for plum blossoms. In addition to appreciating plum blossoms, tourists can also explore “plum blossom culture” here. The Qinhuai Plum Garden is home to a 3,000-square-meter Integrity Culture Expo, which uses historical figures related to the character of plum blossoms as clues to comprehensively display the integrity-themed plum culture.

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Walking into the museum, it is divided into plum culture exhibition hall, green plum health culture exhibition hall, cultural and creative training and other sections. It has themes such as plum planting, plum appreciation, plum learning, and plum making. It advocates the spirit of plum blossoms, enriches the connotation of integrity, and praises plum blossoms. Good life.

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If you are lingering, you might as well stay for a while. Qinhuai Plum Garden has created a boutique B&B with “plum” as its main theme. Each room is named after a different variety of plum blossoms, and various plum blossom elements are also incorporated into the rooms. Currently, the B&B has a total of 18 guest rooms, which can accommodate more than 40 people. The plum banquet hall in the park can receive more than 100 people at the same time to enjoy the plum banquet and drink plum tea.


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