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Ecological island of the imaginary mountain

Ecological island

· Continue to implement the renewal of Siqiao District and Feiyan Cultural Industry District;

· Launched two urban village renovation projects in the development zone: Tianchong and Pantou Village, and Yangjiayuan and Honglan Community;

· Build Kongjia Village in Jingqiao Town as a demonstration sample of ecological civilization construction;

· Promote the construction of “Wuxiang Mountain Ecological Island”;

· Accelerate the pilot application of “quarter hour convenience Service circle” in three communities, Qinhuai Road community, Tongji Street community and Longshan Community;

Recently, the Lishui District People’s Government issued the “Government Work Report (2024)”, which in addition to reviewing the work in 2023, also focused on the key tasks in 2024. Below, I picked out part of the content, to share with you.

  1. Improve plate contribution. We will build regional economic sectors that complement each other’s strengths and have their own characteristics.

Nanjing National Agricultural High Zone: It is necessary to closely follow the positioning of “two zones and one place”, vigorously develop industries such as biological agriculture, food processing industry, and agricultural machinery and equipment, and accelerate the construction of a “ten-billion level” park.

Development Zone: to deeply cultivate the ecology of the new energy industry, focus on the “three power” field, promote the construction of a chain development model from the upstream core key components to the downstream green intelligent terminal, and accelerate the construction of a “100 billion” industrial park.

Yongyang Street: It is necessary to speed up the development of characteristic industries in the park and create an influential industrial mother-machine industrial agglomeration area.

Dongping Street: It is necessary to focus on supporting Baowu magnesium industry to expand the strength of the headquarters, promote the agglomeration of magnesium based new materials industry, and accelerate the construction of a ten-billion-level new materials industrial park.

Hong LAN Street: To focus on automotive core parts manufacturing, precision machinery manufacturing, and strive to create a “small and fine” “specialized and fine” “10 billion” industrial park.

Shiqiu Street: to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, to create intelligent manufacturing equipment industry gathering place.

Hefeng Town: To expand and strengthen the cross-strait (Hefeng) electromechanical industry cooperation demonstration park, and build a “strong town of electromechanical industry”.

Jingqiao Town: To focus on the development of smart medical industry, accelerate the construction of Nanjing smart health Innovation Park.

High-tech zone: It is necessary to promote the integrated development of new medicine and life health industry chain and innovation chain, and create an industrial agglomeration of “cluster enterprises into chains and cluster chains”.

  1. Improve project support.

We will make greater efforts to promote the construction of major projects in 57 provinces and cities and key industrial projects in 231 districts, ensuring that 90% of the construction starts in the first half of the year and all the construction starts in the third quarter.

12 projects including the Smart Health Innovation Park will be completed and put into operation within the year.

Implement fund investment promotion, stock investment promotion, central enterprises investment promotion, and do a good job of 30 theme investment promotion activities such as the Beijing Central enterprises attracting project matching meeting and the Lishui special event of the Golden Forum, ensure that more than 100 projects of more than 100 million yuan have been signed, and strive to introduce more than 3 billion projects, more than 2 billion projects, and more than 1 billion projects.

  1. Deepen the reform “experimental field”.

In-depth implementation of the reform of state-owned enterprises to deepen and improve the action, urban construction Group: to focus on urban development and operation, industrial carriers, infrastructure and other fields, to promote the development of southern New city.

Industrial group: To focus on the cultural tourism industry, combined with the “no thinking yard” ten models, to promote the revitalization of idle assets and the introduction of high-quality projects seamless connection.

Ligao Investment: It is necessary to focus on the investment and operation of the integration of science and technology industry and city, continue to deepen the pairing linkage mechanism of “new research institutions + associated enterprises + funds”, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the landing of the science and technology industry.

State-owned enterprises such as state-owned assets Group, environmental Group, Economic development Group, and Nonggao Group should focus on the main business, accelerate the pace of market-oriented transformation, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

  1. Shaping a new pattern of opening up.

Deepen the construction of the national airport economic demonstration zone, uphold the pattern and mind of “more flow more initiative”, strengthen the portal hub and open platform, fully release the superimposed effect of “bonded + airport + port + cross-border”, implement the “industrial belt + cross-border e-commerce” cultivation plan, implement the real estate industrial products cross-border e-commerce B2B export action, and strive to create provincial cross-border e-commerce industrial park.

Develop the exhibition economy, make good use of platforms such as Airport International Expo Center and Baima Agriculture International Expo Center, build a market-oriented and integrated exhibition new ecology, and create an exhibition brand with Lishui characteristics.

Support Wuxiangshui Town scenic spot to create a provincial night culture and tourism consumption gathering area, cultivate more than 1 characteristic economic gathering area, and add more than 70 new characteristic consumption scenes.

  1. Refresh the quality of the city.

Optimize the urban spatial structure and layout, adhere to the group and multi-center development, strengthen the “small and beautiful” project supporting the old city area, promote the planning and construction of the eastern part of the city, improve the functional quality of the western part of the city, and improve the life function carrier of the industrial concentration area.

Deepen the “urban renewal with temperature”, continue to implement the renewal of Siqiao District and Feiyan Cultural industry block, complete the renovation of 110,000 square meters of old residential areas, and orderly implement the ecological restoration project of domestic waste landfill.

We will accelerate the construction of low-income housing, the construction of dual-use public infrastructure, and the renovation of urban villages, and start the renovation of two urban villages in the development zone, Tianchong and Pantou villages, and Yangjiayuan and Honglan communities in the urban area.

(Siqiao Block bird ‘s-eye view effect)

  1. Promote rural revitalization.

We will promote the creation of six city-level livable and career-friendly villages and beautiful villages, accelerate the construction of Red Li Xiang provincial characteristic rural demonstration zone, and add more than two provincial characteristic rural villages.

Protect green mountains and rivers.

The implementation of Fudong River, Sanqian River, Shijiu Lake, Zhantianwei and other risk elimination projects to ensure the creation of 51 happy river lakes, 75 rural ecological rivers.

We completed 16 annual plans and 7 key projects for a new round of comprehensive treatment of Taihu Lake, and built Kongjia Village in Jingqiao Town into a demonstration example of ecological civilization construction.

Make good use of the “ring based loan” financial support policy, promote the construction of “Wuxiang Mountain Ecological Island”, accelerate the construction of EOD pilot projects in Nonggao District, and start EOD projects in development zones.

  1. Improve social security.

The government has implemented the Lili College Students to stay in Lili and Lishui college students to return to Lili, ensuring 6,000 new jobs in urban areas throughout the year, helping more than 1,500 people in difficulty to find employment, supporting 950 people to start their own businesses, and leading more than 200 college students to start their own businesses.

Implement the plan to improve meals for the elderly, and create a national model age-friendly community; We will promote the development of a universal child-care service system, coordinate the allocation of child-care service resources between the ages of 0 and 6, and effectively reduce the cost of childbirth, parenting, and education for the people.

Promote the construction of complete residential communities, and accelerate the pilot application of the “quarter hour convenience service circle” in three communities, Qinhuai Road community, Tongji Street community, and Longshan Community.

We raised 811 units of government-subsidized rental housing, and allocated 12,800 units of resettlement housing, so that people could live in stability and safety.

  1. Improve public services.

Focus on the quality and balanced development of education, further increase the introduction of resources in the city’s first-class elite schools, accelerate the introduction of mechanics primary school and municipal organ kindergartens to cooperate in running schools in Li, promote the construction and operation of Jinhe Kindergarten and Xueli East Road Kindergarten, the main body of Chengnan Primary School project, and start the construction of Chengnan Junior high School.

We will promote the extension of group education to remote rural areas, ensure that the coverage rate of group compulsory education reaches 50%, and strive to create a provincial-level compulsory education quality and balanced development area. In combination with the needs of rural school students, explore the provision of personalized bus and school bus services.

Deepen the construction of “healthy Lishui”, develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the prevention and control of major diseases and the construction of public health service system, accelerate the establishment of the District people’s Hospital, the District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and the third People’s hospital of the third level of psychiatric hospitals.

  1. Observe the red line of debt risk.

We will coordinate efforts to defuse risks in small and medium-sized financial institutions, strengthen tracking and monitoring of problems in commercial complexes and other areas, crack down on illegal financial activities, and guard against systemic financial risks.

We will take targeted measures to better meet people’s demand for rigid and improved housing, ensure the delivery of housing, ensure people’s livelihood, and ensure stability, and promote steady and sound development of the real estate market.

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