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Direct flights from Nanjing to Melbourne are now available!

This is the year

Nanjing Airport opens its first intercontinental passenger route

It is also the second route after Sydney.

Second route to Australia

The Nanjing-Melbourne route is operated by China Eastern Airlines using an Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft with a maximum passenger capacity of 232 people, providing passengers with a more comfortable flight experience.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, flight MU851 takes off from Nanjing at 21:15 and arrives in Melbourne at 10:00 the next day local time; every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, flight MU852 takes off from Melbourne at 12:00 local time and arrives in Nanjing at 21:05.

So far, Nanjing Lukou International Airport has opened more than 20 overseas routes to Milan, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Bangkok, etc., and China Eastern Airlines’ Kuala Lumpur route will be opened on June 30. In the future, it is also planned to open routes to Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Phnom Penh, Vientiane and other Southeast Asian destinations to continue to serve the tourism and economic and trade exchanges between Jiangsu and the cities with air links.

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