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Digital People, Made in Nanjing

Made in Nanjing

Anchors, short video protagonists in cell phones

Digital service specialists in offline banks

Scenic “through” the ancients

Digital people have infiltrated us silently.
Nanjing is the national digital human industry highland, with a number of industry head enterprises. As an industry that can represent the new quality of productivity, what power will the fast running industry bring to the economy? And what impact will it bring to each of us?


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01 Number Technology update “one month at a time

How many steps does it take to make a digital person video?

It can be generated in three steps in front of a computer at the 8.8 Digital Technology Enterprise in Nanjing’s Jiangbei New Area.

  • The first step was to select a template from each of the 100+ studio scenes and digital people;
  • In the second step, the requirements are entered from the language macromodel and the textual content is automatically generated;
  • Step 3: Enter the text into the software to generate the voice and pick the tone effect.

After these three steps, a tens of seconds of digital human newscast video was synthesized.

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I’d like to make my own “doppelganger” of a digital person.

Equally easy to achieve

Standing in front of a green screen, talking to the camera for 5-10 minutes, Nanjing Economic Development Zone cloud bat intelligence can generate a digital person exactly like you, enter what content can make this “doppelgänger” to say what.

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Digital people are not a technology

It’s a multidisciplinary intersection that creates an “advocate.”

For example, computer vision allows digital people to “read” images and video content, AI’s natural language processing allows digital people to generate human language, and machine learning allows digital people to learn from experience and optimize their behaviors, all of which combine to enable digital people to have conversations with humans.

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Since the introduction of the ChatGPT language model last year, the digital person industry has been widely noticed, and the digital person industry has become a popular track for investment and financing, with considerable investment and financing activity. “The rate at which technology solutions are updated is qualitatively changing on a monthly basis. A team of engineers just goes live with a new solution one month and is behind the next.”

A local company explained that last year, voice cloning had to record 10,000 sentences first, and the technology procurement cost was about 2,000 yuan. Now as long as there are 20 seconds of sound, the procurement cost is only 100 yuan.

Technology Iteration

Driving the digital human

It’s starting to come into more people’s minds.

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