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Cross-border E-commerce Enters the Industrial Belt” series of promotional activities was held

Cross-border E-commerce

In order to implement the municipal party committee and municipal government’s plan to promote the coordinated development of “cross-border e-commerce + industrial belt” and enhance the awareness and business level of traditional foreign trade enterprises in the industrial belt about cross-border e-commerce, the Municipal Commerce Bureau, together with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in Nantong, recently The downtown branch organized the sectors in the industrial belt to jointly carry out the 2024 Nantong “Cross-border E-commerce Enters the Industrial Belt” series of promotional activities. Recently, the first stop was successfully held in Chongchuan District. This promotional event was hosted by the Chongchuan District Commerce Bureau, hosted by the Nantong Cross-Border E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce and the Nantong Foreign Trade Center. The Municipal Commerce Bureau, the Nantong Central Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the Chongchuan District Commerce Bureau jointly organized home textiles, clothing and accessories, Foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce companies in sporting goods and other industries, as well as heads of relevant units from various sub-district offices and development parks, participated.

Li Jianfeng, deputy director of the Municipal Commerce Bureau, pointed out in the opening mobilization that carrying out the “Cross-border e-commerce enters the industrial belt” series of promotional activities can provide a deeper understanding of enterprise needs, provide more cutting-edge and accurate services, and promote the depth of industry and cross-border e-commerce. Integration is very urgent and necessary. Choosing Chongchuan as the first stop for the presentation is in the hope that through benchmarking, more sectors and industrial zones in the city will be able to understand and transform cross-border e-commerce, and more companies will be encouraged to expand online export channels through cross-border e-commerce and build Nantong industrial brands, so that Consumers around the world feel the charm of “Made in Nantong”.

This presentation focuses on the practical operations of cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia that are highly compatible with Chongchuan foreign trade enterprises. After careful screening in the early stage, this presentation arranged for the person in charge of Dongsheng Cross-border, Nantong’s leading cross-border e-commerce company, to give a lecture on “Golden Opportunities for Cross-border E-commerce under the “One Belt and One Road””, and the Operation Director of Nantong’s overseas e-commerce department to give a lecture “TikTok Shop Cold Start Strategy in Malaysia”, “Analysis of Southeast Asia E-commerce Market” taught by Shopee Platform’s Home Textile Investment Promotion Manager, and “Financial Support for Cross-border E-commerce Development” taught by experts from Minsheng Bank Nanjing Branch and other courses. The lecturers shared their personal experiences and vivid and detailed practical experiences from model companies, which enhanced the enthusiasm and motivation of traditional foreign trade companies to expand cross-border e-commerce business, and supplemented and improved the cross-border e-commerce cognitive and practical systems for participating companies. .

Enterprises are very enthusiastic about learning cross-border e-commerce business. The event originally scheduled for 50 people attracted more than 80 enterprise representatives. Participating companies expressed that this presentation not only provided cutting-edge analysis of future cross-border e-commerce development trends and overseas blue ocean markets, but also provided interpretations of specific policies and strategies for companies’ practical pain points and blocking points. It was detailed and practical. Strong sex. The comrades responsible for the promotion of cross-border e-commerce in the business system, streets and development parks who attended the meeting also expressed that they had learned something and had a certain understanding of cross-border e-commerce, laying a foundation for improving future work. In the next stage, the Municipal Commerce Bureau will go to home textiles, power tools and other industrial belts to carry out a series of intensive publicity activities to guide enterprises to grasp the situation, identify gaps, clarify directions, and promote the city’s cross-border e-commerce to achieve new goals with a higher position and stronger capabilities. breakthrough.

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