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Congratulations to the young scholars in Nanjing!

young scholars in Nanjing

Recently, the World Manufacturing Engineering Association released the list of winners of the 2024 “SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award”. Associate Professor Zou Ningmu, School of Integrated Circuits, Nanjing University , is recognized for his development and improvement of advanced process node chips driven by artificial intelligence. The work on the reliability and yield rate of the manufacturing process received this award. Become the only winner from universities in mainland China in 2024 .

Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award

(SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award)

The “Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award” was established by the World Manufacturing Engineering Society (SME) to recognize manufacturing engineers under the age of 35 around the world who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the manufacturing industry; only 20 professionals are selected to receive this award every year. Once established, the honor attracts much attention.

Zou Ningmu

National-level young talent, associate professor at the School of Integrated Circuits of Nanjing University, Suzhou Young Professor, and doctoral supervisor. He graduated from Nanjing University with a bachelor’s degree in 2011, and later received a master’s degree in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a doctorate in optical engineering from Cornell University. He once served as the chief engineer of AMD Semiconductor Company in the United States and a visiting professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Texas State University in the United States. Later, he returned to China and joined Nanjing University to continue engaging in related research.

Zou Ningmu has published more than 30 academic papers in Nature, Nature sub-journals and other journals, and has 14 authorized patents. He has won the Best Paper Award at the AMD Global R&D Conference, the Best Innovation Award at the AMD Asia R&D Conference, the AMD Annual Executive Spotlight Award, and AMD Enterprise Innovation Award, the 2022 China Instrument and Control Society’s First Prize for Technical Invention, the 2022 China Optoelectronic Engineering Society “Golden Sui Award”, the 2023 China Installation Association’s 2023 First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress Award and other awards.

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