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Cold double plum is Bloom

Cold double plum is Bloom

At the beginning of the New Year 2024,

The plum blossoms in the Fujiabian scenic spot are already in bud.

Look forward to it.

The first plum blossom of this year is in full bloom during the Major Cold season.

There was a hint of early spring in the air.

The white plum blossoms first in the Fujiabian scenic area. The petals of this variety are as white as jade, light and graceful, like a butterfly dancing in the branches.

Ask clear fang who first, wax plum blossom crown potpourri. With the first wave of early plum blossoms, wax plum blossoms in Fujiabian Scenic area have also entered the blooming period, golden flowers like small bells hanging upside down on the branches, fragrance overflowing, and the limited edition beauty of double plum blooms on the line.

A bit of yellow on the branches dotted the branches, adding a bright color to the light and desolate winter, and the air is still floating if there is no fragrance. With the first batch of plum blossoms this year, the red plum blossoms in Fujiabian scenic area have also been in bud and sprouted, let us look forward to the blooming period together.

Suddenly overnight fragrance, scattered for Qiankun Wanli spring. Wait until the plum blossom is in full bloom, Lishui Fu home ten miles of Merlin flowers such as the tide, clouds steaming Xianyu, flowers full of the mountain, and the small tour together to review the plum blossom of the past year

The gentle breeze leaves fragrance, and the general tide of plum lovers swarms to walk in the spring of Lishui, melting into this touch of crimson. The Meihua Mountain in Fujiabian is especially characterized by “Night plum”. The fluorescent walk, Poetry Avenue, Meimei Love Tunnel, Meipin Garden, Meihua Square and other creative card points allow visitors to feel the charm of plum blossoms in light and shadow.

Qin Huai Plum Garden is different from Fu Jiabian Merlin flowers into the sea, with more garden-like elegance, various garden scenes dotted among them, fragrance floating, refreshing.

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