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China-U.S. Trade Working Group holds first vice-ministerial meeting

At the invitation of the U.S., Wang Shouwen, international trade negotiator and vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce, visited the United States from April 2 to 5, and co-chaired the first vice-ministerial meeting of the China-U.S. Commerce and Trade Working Group with U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Largo. Focusing on the implementation of the important consensus reached by the two heads of state at the San Francisco meeting and recent phone calls, the two sides conducted objective, rational, professional and pragmatic communication on business and trade policy issues of mutual concern as well as specific commercial issues raised by the business communities of the two countries.

 Wang Shouwen said that the San Francisco meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States pointed out the direction for the development of economic and trade relations between the two countries. The two heads of state recently had a phone call and instructed the working teams of both sides to promote consultation mechanisms in business and other fields. Sino-US economic and trade relations should be a stabilizing force in the relations between the two countries. China is willing to work with the United States to actively implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state, strengthen communication, expand cooperation, manage differences through the China-U.S. Business Working Group, and create a good environment for enterprises of the two countries to carry out trade and investment cooperation. Wang Shouwen focused on expressing concerns about the U.S.’s additional Section 301 tariffs on China and related Section 301 investigation applications, generalization of national security, sanctions on Chinese companies, revision of trade remedy investigation rules, two-way investment restrictions, unfair treatment of Chinese companies, etc.

 Both sides agreed that the ministries of commerce of the two countries are willing to maintain close communication with enterprises from both sides and discuss issues of concern to them; jointly support trade and investment promotion activities organized by both sides, including the China International Import Expo, China International Investment Fair, the China-California Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, and the China-California Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum. Cooperation activities in clean energy technology, women’s health and other fields; strengthen discussions on specific standards issues of concern to the industry; explore strengthening cooperation in trade facilitation; give full play to the role of the export control information exchange mechanism and strengthen communication in the field of export control. At the invitation of China, Vice Minister Largo will lead a delegation to visit China in the second half of 2024 and co-chair the second vice-ministerial meeting of the China-US Business and Trade Working Group with China.

 While in the United States, Wang Shouwen also met with officials from the White House National Economic Council, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Commerce, and had extensive exchanges with representatives of the U.S. business community and think tank scholars.

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