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China-Kazakhstan Industrial Alliance came to Li for inspection

China-Kazakhstan Industrial Alliance

On April 12, the China-Kazakhstan Industrial Alliance (referred to as the China-Kazakhstan Industrial Alliance) came to Li for an inspection and conducted in-depth exchanges around industrial cooperation in new energy vehicles, agricultural products, small commodities, large infrastructure (highways, elevated roads, new city construction), etc. Further intensify international exchanges and cooperation between the two places and promote the economic and trade development of both parties.

Kazakhstan is an important hub connecting Eurasia and an important member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It is one of the first countries to support and participate in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”. It has rich natural resources and a vast market, and has strong domestic consumer demand. The land border between my country and Kazakhstan is 1,533 kilometers long, and bilateral trade has a long history. The establishment of the China-Kazakhstan Industrial Alliance aims to better serve “the establishment of sister cities between China and Kazakhstan, the exchange of economic and trade systems, the exchange of cultural tourism and the communication and connection of various industries”, becoming a strategic partnership between China and Kazakhstan. the link between countries.

Lishui is an important advanced manufacturing base in southern Nanjing. It has been twice selected as a region with significant achievements in innovation and transformation of the province’s manufacturing industry. The “1+3+1” advanced manufacturing industry continues to move towards high-end, green and intelligent industries. The Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone located in Lishui is one of the first national agricultural high-tech zones in the country and currently the only national agricultural high-tech zone in the Yangtze River Delta region. It has gathered 7 universities and colleges including Nanjing Agricultural University and Nanjing Forestry University to settle in and develop, and has successively attracted the listed company China Drinks Babi A number of benchmark companies such as Dahidi Food, an individual champion in the industry, have settled in the area. Lishui is developing new agricultural productivity according to local conditions with the development concept of “all-area agricultural high-tech zone” and the development model of “one district with multiple parks”, and comprehensively accelerating the Yangtze River Delta agricultural science and technology innovation source, international agricultural science and technology cooperation demonstration zone, and science and technology revitalization rural model District construction.

Through this all-round inspection and close exchanges, both parties agreed that there is huge potential for cooperation in advanced manufacturing industries such as new energy vehicles, energy storage and hydrogen energy industries, and the construction of agricultural parks. Lishui will conduct an in-depth inspection to accelerate the overseas expansion of advanced manufacturing. At the same time, focusing on the strategic positioning of Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone, it will shoulder the important mission of the international agricultural cooperation demonstration zone, strengthen cooperation in agricultural parks between the two parties, and develop new varieties, new technologies, New models and long-term cooperation mechanisms in terms of talents, funds, product purchase and sales, etc. will be established to promote win-win development of the industry.

On the same day, the China-Kazakhstan Industrial Alliance delegation also visited Kaiwo Group, Hengtian Lingrui, Golden Manor, Zhongliang Food, Changli Bee Industry, Jiangsu Baima Agricultural International Expo Center, Nanjing National Agricultural High Zone Planning Exhibition Hall and other places.

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