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Chen Zhichang meets with Lee Jang-woo, Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City, South Korea and his delegation

Daejeon Metropolitan City

On April 21, Mayor Chen Zhichang met with visiting Mayor Lee Jang-woo of Daejeon Metropolitan City in South Korea and his delegation. The two parties jointly signed the “Memorandum of Understanding on Further Deepening Exchanges and Cooperation between Sister Cities”.

On April 21, Mr. Chen Zhichang, mayor of Nanjing, met with Lee Jang-woo, the visiting mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City, South Korea, and the two sides jointly signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at further deepening exchanges and cooperation between sister cities.

Daejeon Metropolitan City is the second administrative center of South Korea, a transportation hub and a technology center city in the central region. It is known as South Korea’s Silicon Valley. Nanjing City and Daejeon Metropolitan City established a sister city relationship in 1994. Over the past 30 years, they have always adhered to the concepts of mutual respect and win-win cooperation, continued to deepen exchanges and cooperation in multiple fields, and achieved good results. According to the cooperation memorandum signed this time, the two cities will further strengthen cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, increase exchanges in scientific and technological innovation, talent training and other aspects, and continue to enhance friendly non-governmental exchanges in education, culture, tourism, sports and other areas.

Daejeon Metropolitan City is the second administrative center of South Korea, a pivotal transportation hub and technology center in the central region, earning it the nickname Silicon Valley of South Korea. Since Nanjing and Daejeon established their sister-city relationship in 1994, they have upheld the principles of mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation for three decades. This enduring commitment has led to continuous deepening of exchanges and collaboration across various sectors, yielding fruitful outcomes. As outlined in the memorandum, the two cities pledge to further enhance collaboration in economic and trade domains, intensify exchanges in science and technology innovation, and bolster efforts in talent cultivation. Additionally, they aim to perpetuate the momentum of friendly exchanges among their residents, fostering closer ties in education, culture, tourism and sports.

Chen Zhichang welcomed Li Zhuangyu and his delegation and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Nanjing.

Mayor Chen Zhichang extended a warm welcome to Mr. Lee Jang-woo and his delegation while providing a brief overview of Nanjing’s socio-economic development.

He said that Nanjing has close exchanges and profound friendship with South Korea. The 30th anniversary of the establishment of sister city relationship with Daejeon Metropolitan City is an important milestone in the economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchanges and friendly exchanges between the two cities.

He emphasized the close ties and profound friendship between Nanjing and South Korea, highlighting the 30th anniversary of the sister-city relationship with Daejeon as a significant milestone in economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and friendly interactions between the two cities.

It is hoped that both parties will take the signing of this memorandum as an opportunity to further strengthen friendly exchanges and practical cooperation, so that more cooperation results will benefit the people of the two cities.

Expressing hope that the signing of the memorandum would catalyze further enhance friendly exchanges and realistic cooperation, Mr. Chen underscored the importance of ensuring that the fruits of collaboration benefit the residents of both cities.

We welcome more Korean companies to invest and start business in Nanjing. Nanjing will continue to promote high-level opening up, continue to increase service guarantees, and strive to provide a better development environment.

Moreover, he extended an invitation for more Korean enterprises to invest and establish ventures in Nanjing, assuring continued efforts to advance a high level of opening up and improve service levels to create a more conducive environment for development.

Li Zhuangyu said that since the 30th anniversary of the establishment of sister city relations between Daejeon Metropolitan City and Nanjing City, the two sides have learned from each other, jointly promoted development, and achieved a series of results in pragmatic exchanges and cooperation.

Mr. Lee expressed that over the 30 years since the establishment of the sister-city relationship between Daejeon and Nanjing, both sides have engaged in mutual learning, fostering development together, and achieved a series of outcomes in realistic exchanges and cooperation.

Nanjing has a profound historical and cultural heritage, a high degree of urban modernization, and broad development prospects.

Nanjing boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage and a high level of urban modernization, promising extensive prospects for development.

It is hoped that both parties will work together to promote the implementation of the contents of the cooperation memorandum, give full play to their respective advantages, continue to increase exchanges and cooperation in various fields such as economy and trade, technology, industry, culture, tourism, sports, etc., and continue to enhance the friendship between the people of the two cities and enhance the level of sister-city cooperation. .

He also expressed hope that both sides would collaborate to advance the implementation of the memorandum, leveraging their respective strengths to deepen exchanges and cooperation across various fields such as economy, trade, science and technology, industry, culture, tourism, and sports. Through sustained Efforts, he aimed to further enhance the friendship between the residents and elevate the level of cooperation between the two cities.

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