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Charting the Future: Advancing Visual Tech Innovation

We’re building a top-notch center for innovation in display technology and visual perception. This center aims to be a leader not just in our country but internationally, making significant impacts in how we see and use screens and visual media. We’re diving into the latest tech trends for screens and media, aiming to stay ahead or even set the pace for future changes in how we produce and share content.

By working together with government bodies, industries, universities, and research institutions, we’re boosting our ability to gather resources and help the community. This collaboration also supports the growth of our academic fields. Our goal is to help local and national industries grow by training experts in display technology and visual perception, encouraging groundbreaking work, and helping turn these innovations into real-world solutions.

We’re all about merging science, technology, and culture to establish a world-leading hub for creativity and business in visual culture and technology. This effort will support our country’s economy and improve our everyday lives.

Right now, we’re looking to bring in experts in optics and waveguides and are seeking technical help with flexible materials that can bend.

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