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BSH Global R&D Center and BSH China Home Appliances Talent Center unveiled in Nanjing

Appliances Talent Center

On June 24, BSH Global R&D Center and BSH China Home Appliances Talent Center were unveiled in Nanjing, and the municipal government signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with BSH Home Appliances Investment (China) Co., Ltd. Mayor Chen Zhichang met with BSH Home Appliances Group Chairman and CEO Mai Zhiyuan and his delegation, and presented a commemorative plaque for the 30th anniversary of BSH Home Appliances’ investment in China. Deputy Mayor Ji Tiejun, BSH Home Appliances Board Member and Chief Marketing Officer Tang Shanda, Board Member and Chief Operating Officer Schubert, Greater China President Song Linbing, and Greater China Senior Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Hu Bohan attended.

BSH Home Appliances Group is one of the leaders in the global home appliance industry, with many well-known brands such as Bosch Home Appliances, Siemens Home Appliances, Gaggenau, etc. Since the establishment of the company in Nanjing in 1997, BSH Home Appliances has always regarded Nanjing as an important partner for investment in China. While maintaining rapid and steady development, it has continuously expanded its business layout in Nanjing and established the BSH Home Appliances China Headquarters in our city, making positive contributions to the economic and social development of Nanjing.

Chen Zhichang welcomed Mai Zhiyuan and his delegation and gave a brief introduction to the economic and social development of Nanjing.

He said that currently, Nanjing is deeply implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, accelerating the implementation of the industrial city strengthening action plan, focusing on building an international consumer center city, and continuously promoting high-level opening up. BSH Home Appliances and Nanjing have a deep cooperation history, a good foundation and broad prospects. Today’s signing and unveiling symbolize that the cooperation between the two sides has reached a new height.

We hope that BSH Home Appliances will seize the policy opportunities, establish itself in the Chinese market, continue to grow in Nanjing, further expand the scale of cooperation with us, expand the areas of cooperation, and jointly promote high-quality development. Nanjing will continue to support BSH Home Appliances’ development in Nanjing, provide high-quality and efficient government services, and strive to create a market-oriented, legal, and international first-class business environment.

Mai Zhiyuan thanks Nanjing for its concern and support for the development of BSH Home Appliances.

He said that Nanjing is a city with unique charm and rich talent resources, and it occupies a very important position in BSH’s development strategy. The group is very optimistic about the Chinese market and has full confidence in Nanjing’s future development. It will continue to take root in Nanjing, fully rely on Nanjing’s industrial resources, innovation resources, and talent resources, give full play to its own advantages, increase R&D investment, cultivate innovative talents, promote the implementation of more new technologies and new products, achieve deeper levels and wider areas of mutual benefit and win-win results, and work together to create a better future.

According to the memorandum of strategic cooperation, the two sides will establish and improve a strategic cooperation mechanism in accordance with the principle of “complementing each other’s strengths, mutual support, long-term cooperation and common development”, comprehensively expand and deepen areas of cooperation, accelerate the cultivation and development of new quality productive forces, and constantly create a new situation of win-win development.

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