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Beauty of Nanjing

Beauty of Nanjing

Let’s take a look first

What are the beautiful scenery along the way~

Route one

📍 Jiangsu Garden Expo Park

In the spring, the flowers, birds, fish and insects in the Garden Expo Park are sprouting, the pink walls and tiles, the small bridges and flowing water, the spring color is a little bit dense, and the Chinese romance is vividly interpreted.

📍 Nanjing Ming Cultural Village (Yangshan Monument Scenic Area)

Yangshan stele is located in the northwest side of Tangshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Yangshan stele is a national AAAA-level scenic spot, one of the “new Jinling forty-eight scenes”, mainly divided into Ming culture village and stele two main bodies.

Route 2

Pingshan Forest Park

Nanjing Pingshan Forest Park has natural resources such as seven mountains, eight lakes and 10,000 acres of forests. The environment here is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, there are many historical sites, and it is better to come here to inhale oxygen during the holiday.

📍 Jinniu Lake Wildlife Kingdom

Nanjing Jinniu Lake Wildlife Kingdom is a set of mountains, mines, mouth as one of the wildlife park, the park is divided into two parts: walking tour area and self-driving tour area, the main attractions are Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest, Orangutan Romance, Bird World and so on.

 Jinniu Lake Scenic Area

The mountains of Jinniu Lake are surrounded by turquoise water, and the water surface is as clear as a mirror. There is a kilometer-long walking trail around the lake, which is one of the best spots to see and photograph the lake view.

Route three

📍 Laoshan Forest Park

Walking into Laoshan National Forest Park, it is like walking into a natural mountain oxygen bar, a green natural treasure house, and a world of flowers and birds. The mountains are full of greenery, the flowers are splendid, and the warblers are crying.

📍 Cloud Valley Tourist Area

In spring, you must always check in to the Yunyougu Tourist Area! Here, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, pirate ships, go-karts, bobble-headed flying chairs, …… The corners of the park are full of life, and you can relax on the chairs in the camping area and enjoy the comfort brought by the spring sunshine.

Round 4

📍 Qixia Mountain Scenic Area

Recently, the main theme of Qixia Mountain is green, and the maple trees are verdant and burning when walking on the trail of Qixia Mountain. The spring buds are tender and green, rippling a lake of spring, and the black swans swim freely in the Spiegel Lake.

📍 Qixia Ancient Town

Citizens can immerse themselves in the national tide in Qixia Ancient Town and taste the vegetarian food of Qixia Ancient Temple.

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