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An economic and trade cooperation exchange meeting in London, England.

trade cooperation exchange meeting

On April 15, local time, Han Liming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a Nanjing delegation to visit London, England, to implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of China and the United Kingdom, visit relevant institutions and key enterprises, and promote the cooperation between Nanjing and London in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology Carry out communication and exchanges and achieve practical cooperation results.

While in London, Han Liming visited the Chinese Embassy in the UK, met with the head of the China-Britain Business Council, visited world-renowned companies such as Ineos Acetyl and Vitol Group, and had full exchanges on matters such as expanding cooperation areas and expanding investment in Nanjing, and promoted We are currently discussing the implementation of key projects, and participated in the “China·Nanjing—UK·London Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference” and gave a speech to promote it.

This economic and trade cooperation exchange meeting received enthusiastic responses from British political, business and academic circles. It is the largest economic and trade exchange event with the highest level of guests held by a domestic city in London recently. Chinese Ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council Gu Peiqin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UK-China Business Development Center Maclean, and Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK Fang Wenjian were invited to attend. World-renowned enterprises such as AirResearch, Standard Chartered, and HSBC, as well as financial and scientific research institutions The person in charge was attended by about 120 guests.

Han Liming welcomed all the guests attending the meeting and expressed his gratitude to people from all walks of life in London who have long provided care and support for cooperation and exchanges between Nanjing and the UK.

She used four words: Ancient, Booming, Convenience, and Dynamic (“ABCD”) to introduce the ancient, prosperous, convenient, and dynamic Nanjing to the guests, and used three vivid stories to tell the areas of economic and trade cooperation between Nanjing and the United Kingdom. It is so broad and effective that it is showing new characteristics such as extending from advanced manufacturing to modern service industries, expanding from industrial projects to scientific and technological cooperation, and moving from unilateral investment to two-way investment.

She introduced Nanjing’s industrial development advantages and investment policies, saying that Nanjing, as an innovation highland, a strong industrial city and a frontier of opening up, is committed to creating a market-oriented, legal and international business environment and promoting new productive forces to become the most distinctive source of high-quality development. We are willing to work with British companies to share Nanjing’s advantages in industrial supporting facilities, talent gathering, wider opening up, and green development, and jointly create a model city for economic and trade cooperation between China and the UK.

Zheng Zeguang said in his speech that China is firmly following the path of Chinese-style modernization and high-quality development, and is accelerating the development of new productive forces. Since the beginning of this year, China’s economy has continued to improve and has shown a good growth trend. China and the UK have huge potential for cooperation in financial services, biomedicine, high-end manufacturing, new energy, creative industries and many other fields. As one of China’s four ancient capitals, Nanjing has profound cultural heritage, strong economic strength, and sufficient talent reserves. It has superior conditions for attracting foreign investment and is a hot spot for foreign investment and cooperation. The Chinese Embassy in the UK will support the Chinese and British business communities to strengthen dialogue and exchanges and further expand mutually beneficial cooperation.

Gu Peiqin and MacLean said in their speeches that China and the UK need each other and benefit from each other, and China’s high-quality development will inevitably bring new opportunities. As one of the most developed cities in the Yangtze River Delta region of China, Nanjing is very important for British companies to enter the Chinese market and should further tighten ties and deepen cooperation. The heads of companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ineos, Molai Optical and other companies shared successful cases of investment cooperation between Nanjing and the UK.

A project signing ceremony was also held at the exchange meeting. A number of projects including Oude Oil Reserve, Airui Group, and Vivant Precision Medicine were signed on site, covering multiple fields such as biomedicine, smart logistics, and modern chemicals.

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