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Amplifying advantages and accelerating the development of new quality productivity

On May 21, Han Liming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, conducted a survey in Gaochun District around “amplifying advantages and accelerating the development of new quality productivity”. She emphasized that Gaochun is the southern gateway and ecological window of the city, and it is also a key plate to narrow the gap between the city and the gap between urban and rural areas.

In recent years, Gaochun has focused on the “4222” modern industrial system, focusing on the construction of “one park and one chain” in the medical device industrial park and high-end equipment manufacturing industry chain, and has made every effort to grasp the industry, projects and investment.

Hongruijie Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D and production of molecular diagnostics and biochemical diagnostic instruments and reagents, and has achieved rapid breakthroughs in the domestic primary medical market and the emerging markets of the “Belt and Road”.

Guansheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is engaged in the R&D and production of key components of automotive chassis systems, with a market covering more than 120 countries and regions, and is laying out a new track for solid-state batteries.

The first phase of Estun’s industrial automation intelligent equipment project is expected to be completed in June, with an annual output of 80 industrial automation intelligent equipment production lines.

Han Liming went deep into the enterprise and project site to understand the situation of scientific and technological research and development, market expansion, employment and recruitment, etc., and encouraged enterprises to actively seize the commanding heights of technology and industrial development, and continue to explore the blue ocean of subdivided fields, subdivided tracks, and overseas markets. She said that the main leading enterprises of the chain are the key support for strengthening the leading industries and cultivating new quality productivity, and it is necessary to strengthen tracking services and create a good environment for the development of enterprises. It is necessary to make good use of the resources of Nanjing Higher Vocational Park, innovate the integration model of production and education, and cultivate a large number of high-skilled talents to support industrial development.

As a national pilot zone for urban-rural integration development, Gaochun is vigorously promoting land to benefit farmers, rejuvenating agriculture with science and technology, strengthening agriculture with industry, and benefiting agriculture with ecology, and helping the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside with new quality productivity.

The ecological farm of Weizhichun Modern Agriculture realizes the green planting, quality improvement and standardized production of agricultural products such as tomatoes and morels through the empowerment of science and technology.

Nanjing Bancheng Dashan RV Resort has achieved operation and booking through the pilot project of collective operating construction land.

Han Liming pointed out that the new quality productivity itself is green productivity. In the field of agriculture and rural areas, there is a vast space for new quality productivity to empower traditional production methods. Gaochun District should vigorously develop new business formats and new models such as smart agriculture, order agriculture, and rural cultural tourism according to local conditions, continue to explore the value realization mechanism of ecological products, and transform lucid waters and lush mountains into gold and silver mountains.

During the investigation, Han Liming emphasized that the key to making the leading industry bigger, stronger and more special is the key to a strong industrial area in Gaochun, and it is necessary to find the correct positioning in the regional industrial layout, focus on the direction of new medicine and life and health, auto parts, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, etc., grasp the trend of high-end, intelligent, green and integrated industries, guide the rational allocation of factors, the agglomeration and development of enterprises, and build a more competitive industrial cluster.

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